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This guest column is authored by Sai Chaitanya, Chief Technology Officer of Doxtro

Doxtro, is an instant doctor consultation mobile app that aims at improving the life of both the patients and doctors. This app allows patients to consult doctors and physicians instantly, online.

The story so far

One of the most prevalent problems that people in India are facing in healthcare services is the lack of access to it. Though this is not seen much in in urban areas, driving towards the outskirts of most metro cities, it will be hard to find any significant medical help at hand.

Even today, people living in villages do not have access to specialized doctors due to which they have to travel a great distance to access even the most basic health requirements. Furthermore, doctors too were trying their best to manage life and work, ensuring that they could give as much time to their patients as well. However, the number of patients visiting clinics is inconsistent, thus leaving them with ample amount of time and less productive work.

Bearing witness to this persistent point at issue, Guruswamy Ramamoorthy, hailing from  a village named Mannargudi in Tamil Nadu, felt the need of a solution to the the difficulties that the people in India were facing in relation to getting medical help. Armed with  a total experience of 27 years in the field of Marketing in sectors like mutual funds, insurance, and especially healthcare technology, Ramamoorthy came up with the idea of the mobile app, Doxtro, as an answer to the problem.

This move by Ramamoorthy was a smart one, as mobile penetration has been increasing tremendously in rural areas and also the need of specialized doctors at rural parts. India’s mobile user base touches 103.5 crores. And the mobile subscription base is rapidly increasing in rural areas which was the opportunity for Ramamoorthy to penetrate in rural market as well.

Doxtro Features

Doxtro is a team of healthcare professionals and technologists who understands the importance of providing right healthcare to the patients from specialized doctors and give hassle free services on mobile at an affordable price.

Some of the features of Doxtro are:

  • Real time and hassle-free consultation
    Doctors can connect to patients in real-time, answering their medical queries and giving them your specialist advice from the comfort of your home.
  • Practice without borders
    Doctors can deliver their services even to patients in others city. This enables doctors to reach thousands of patients beyond geographical borders and take up additional consultations.
  • Expand your practice
    Answer patient queries and advise through medical prescriptions generated online within Doxtro’s mobile app.
  • Increased Revenue
    Taking up additional consultations allows doctors to enhance their earnings and utilize their time in a better way.

The vision of Doxtro is to improve the lives of people by providing them right access to the quality healthcare services anywhere anytime and at an affordable price. With Doxtro, doctors deliver patient care at all times without the constraints of time and geography. Whether you’re traveling or in your clinic, you can get connected to the patients that need your consultation.

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