Young Entrepreneurs Should Stay Grounded to Handle their Success Well

startup foundersThis guest column is authored by Parveen Singhal, Co-Founder & COO, Wittyfeed

The concept of entrepreneurship is on an upswing in India. In recent times, it has become the primary career choice for many as opposed to somewhat being a Hobson’s choice career till even about a decade back. Many young people, having amazing new ideas are choosing to execute them by plunging into entrepreneurship early on in their professional lives. And many of them do succeed to!

But after achieving initial success, what? How do the young achievers handle their successes? Are they able to sustain it for long? What needs to be taken care of to handle and sustain success for a long innings as an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is much more than profit maximisation

For me entrepreneurship is not just about running the business. It entails much more than profit maximisation.

It is good to start young – Entrepreneurs starting young have time on their side. They have ample time to learn, unlearn and relearn. They get time to make their own mistakes, get many chances to fail and several opportunities to start again. Society is also more forgiving to young entrepreneurs who fail. It is more accepting of their failures and more encouraging too, to start again. When one is young, failure is not a burden but another stepping stone to success.

Success never happens overnight: if it does, chances are it won’t be sustainable – In general, success does not happen overnight. It takes long years of tireless efforts. An entrepreneurs journey to success is rife with countless ups and downs. We too have gone through my share of blood, sweat and tears before we tasted success. Success is sweet but it is also transient if we don’t handle it well.

Handle success well – enjoy its fruits over a longer period

Just as success does not come easily, holding on to it over longer periods also demands lot of ceaseless efforts.

Having been an entrepreneur for a long time myself; I have been both a participant and a witness to the vagaries of business world. While business concepts, products, strategy, execution, market and other such factors have their own important place in the bigger scheme of achieving a sustainable success – properly handling your initial success is the most important factor in making that success stay and grow.

This is where many young entrepreneurs stumble often. They often lack the knowledge and ability of handling their initial fame. This happens because somewhere while enjoying the fruits of triumph and fame, we tend to forget the true essence of our business motive.

  • So how to handle success? Whatever may be the station in life you achieve – Always stay grounded! There are so many awe-inspiring real life stories for us to learn from – lives that teach us how to stay grounded. There is a reason greats like the late Steve Jobs continue to inspire newer generations. We must learn from their lives.
  • How to stay grounded? Never forget your roots. Never forget from where you started.
  • What not to forget? Always remember the hard path that you’ve traversed to reach success. Always remember the hard toils you put in – what it took in the past to achieve the status of today.
  • Good People Matter – While you stay grounded and work hard towards making your success last, be on a look out for good people to make your team. Seek the guidance of good mentors.

Staying in the company of grounded people help us to remain the same ourselves in the longer run. I must mention here that I have been very lucky to have many amazing people around me since I entered the business world. They have been a catalyst both to my learning and the changes to the way I live life now.

Young entrepreneurs! Make the best use of active years of your life. Never forget the passion that propelled you forward and brought you to a successful station.  Value your passion – it keeps you going far. I always believe, abstract things are always more precious than the material ones. The learnings we get from people and circumstances is way ahead and far beyond those that money and profit are ever able to give us.

Give more importance to people – your associates, customers, near ones – because they are the ones who will ultimately make you a successful person. Stay humble in your attitude and be caring in your actions. Ultimately, earning people is far better and more rewarding than earning money. 

Stay grounded, stay happy!

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