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Startup Pledge (Must for Budding Entrepreneurs)

taking pledge

This guest column is by entrepreneur, and entrepreneurship blogger, Manish Hada

All budding entrepreneurs should take this pledge before becoming an active member in this wonderful ecosystem of startups. This will help them create an outlook which will make their journey smoother.


– I pledge to never stop learning

– I pledge to make my startup my passion and be a parent to it rather than a manager

– I pledge to build a team of people in my journey who are equally passionate and zealous about my startup

– I pledge to be focused and share my focus and goals with my team

– I pledge to be open to feedback and to make alterations in my path whenever required

– I pledge to be non-biased in anything I do

– I pledge to be patient and not let anxiety or restlessness into any of my decisions

– I pledge to never let the morale of me or my team down

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– I pledge to create a story which will inspire others

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