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List of Mobile Wallets & UPI Payment Apps in India

India is facing a cash currency crunch, and until the gap is met by new currency, situation will remain for most of the population. Nonetheless, thanks to the evolution of digital payments there are several ways to skip the paper currency with the help of our smartphones. Here is a list of mobile apps that can be used to making payments online, at certain offline merchants, P2P transfers, bank transfers etc. You can take your pick, and also promote the usage of such apps to help others who are dependent on making or receiving cash payments.

AppWalletUPIBank TransferSend On Mobile #Android AppRatingiOS AppRating
Airtel MoneyYesNo YesYesLink 4.2Link3
Axis Bank LimeYesNoNoNoLink 3.5N/AN/A
ChillrNoYesYesYesLink 4.4Link4
BHIM AppNoYesYesYesLink4N/AN/A
Citrus PayYesNoNoYesLink 3.9Link 4
FreechargeYesNoNoNoLink 4.3Link 3.5
FTcashNoYesNoYesLink 3.9N/AN/A
HDFC PayZappNoNoNoYesLink 4Link 2
ICICI PocketsYesYesYesYesLink 4.1Link 3.5
ItzcashYesNoYesYesLink 4.4Link N/A
MobikwikYesYesYesYesLink 4.2Link 4
mRupeeYesNoNoYesLink 3.7N/AN/A
Oxigen WalletYesNoYesYesLink 3.7Link 4
PaytmYesNoYesYesLink 4.4Link 4.5
SBI BuddyYesNoNoYesLink 3.9Link 2
TrupayNoYesYesYesLink 4Link4.5
Vodafone M-PesaYesYesYesYesLink 4.2Link4.5
Jio MoneyYesNoNoNoLink4.3Link3.5

Some pointers to note

  • If you are new to payments via mobile apps, then you can mostly look at going either with mobile wallets or apps supporting UPI payments, depending upon your requirement.
  • Mobile wallets are digital instruments where you can store money for instant payments. You load money by transferring from your bank account via credit/debit cards or net banking. Most of the wallets listed here are semi-closed wallets, i.e. you can transfer money to people who have the same wallet, or make payments at merchants who are authorised to accept from that particular instrument.
  • RBI has increased the monthly balance limits for mobile wallets to Rs 20000.
  • UPI or Unified Payment Interface, is an electronic funds transfer instrument that enables all bank account holders to send and receive money from their smartphones without the need to enter bank account information or net banking userid/ password. This requires only the recipient’s mobile number or Virtual Payment Address(VPA).
  • Apart from the above mentioned apps, banks like SBI & HDFC have launched their own UPI apps. 31 banks are on UPI platform. You can read all about UPI here, and see if your bank has launched one too.
  • Most wallets also allow making payments by entering credit/debit card information, i.e. without first adding money. This would be time consuming if you have to make payments often. UPI is faster, if you are not comfortable storing your money in a 3rd party app.
  • Apps like Paytm, SBI Buddy, The Mobile Wallet are available in multiple languages. Mobikwik allows users to add cash to their wallets by visiting any of the nearby outlets.

In case we missed out any prominent app, please share in the comments below. And if you found this list useful, do share in your network to assist others too.

Our team made efforts to make this data available to everyone. Feel free to use this data (partially/fully), but please don’t forget to attribute it to this page with a link-back. 

Image Source – Networked India

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    awesome list
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    I want a notes on these paytm app and bhim app
    which is better to use?
    is there any loss to our country using paytm app?
    why all these apps give cashback offers, promo codes, gift vouchers?

    please provide the information
    want to know pros and cons of these apps’

    what is the urgency need to govt. to introduce bhim app ??

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    You can try out Xpay Cash wallet. Its a great application with UPI integrated into it. Apart from that, you can even send money abroad or simply a SWIFT txn. to any country. They are also coming up with BitCoin support soon.

  7. 8

    UPI Mobile wallet apps like paytm wallet or just our money in UPI wallet, is there any option transfer wallet to wallet money? like paytm to airtel money?

  8. 9

    XPAY cash wallet is also a mobile wallet. It have UPI as well. Along with that, ekyc can be done in the app to enhance limit. I think through aadhar linked mobile number.

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  10. 11

    This is the list

    1 PayTM Availaible Availaible Availaible 150 million Both
    2 Mobikwik
    3 ICICI -Pockets
    4 Oxigen Wallets
    5 Jio Money
    6 Lime Wallet
    7 PayZapp
    8 PayUMoney
    9 AirtelMoney
    10 Citrus Cash
    11 HotRemit
    12 phonePe wallet
    13 Icash
    14 Idea Money
    15 Ongo
    16 Itz Cash Card Ltd
    17 Etran Wallet
    18 mRupee
    19 mpurse wallet
    20 Muthoot wallet
    21 MOM Wallet
    22 Paymate Wallet
    23 MoboMoney
    24 UDIO Wallet
    25 Zipcash

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    Just recently, mobile hardware giant QualComm said that most of the application development comapnies or bank do not have secure application. Up to what extend this argument is valid?

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    Well you guys have missed “Paynear One” app… It is ruling everywhere… it has every cashless solution u think of.. never seen any other company with so many cashless solutions… they are already ready with concept of Digital India before demonetisation.

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    • 17

      Hi Neha, thanks for your response. The list includes all the apps which do offer P2P payments. The Mobile Wallet is essentially for merchant payments only.

      • 18

        what about zeta is that not a P2P payments. As per FM of INDIA these are the Mobile Wallets available i guess.

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