All it Takes is One Simple Action a Day to Accomplish a Big Goal

This column is by Srinivas Rao, Founder,

It’s about that time of year when you’re probably thinking about your goals:

  • The ones you did or didn’t achieve in 2016
  • The ones you hope to achieve in 2017

It’s easy to believe that people accomplish their biggest goals as a result of herculean effort during a condensed period of time. But instead of attempting to achieve a massive goal through this kind of effort, what if all you did was took one simple action a day?

Simple Actions Are Easy to Follow Through On

Make your action something that’s easy to follow through on. If something like writing 1000 words, or running a mile is too much, start smaller. Write 100 words and run a quarter of a mile. As you repeat your daily action, you can keep raising the bar.

Simple Actions are Something You Have Control Over

Often people will set goals to raise certain metrics (traffic to a web site, subscribers to an email list, sales of a book). But the problem with these is that you don’t actually have any control over these numbers. What you do control however is what you can do to raise those numbers. The key is to focus on systems instead of goals.

Simple Actions Result in Progress and Momentum

When you repeat any simple action day after day, two things happen. The first is that you experience visible progress, which in turn results in flow. The second is that you start to gain momentum. 1000 words turn into 2000, which turn into 10,000 and before you know it you’ve written an entire book.

Over the course of a year, one simple action a day can help you to accomplish your goals. And over the course of a lifetime, it can help you to build a substantial body of work and make your personal dent in the universe.

One action a day combined with a consistent habit, results in progress, momentum and flow. When we take action today, we plant the seeds for who we want to be a year from now and ten years from now.

Don’t underestimate the value of the little things you do repeatedly. These little things allow you to bridge the gap between who you are and who you want to be, between your ideas and the realization of those ideas. The cumulative effect of our ongoing actions is the change we’re seeking.

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