5 Fitness Rules Entrepreneurs Should Follow

This guest column is by Entrepreneur & Filmmaker, Anubhav Anand

Fitness by default comes with some other benefits than just the exterior physical appearance. I remember being a skinny kid growing up. But I always had the aspirations to be fit. Trust me for a beginner that first step seems the hardest to get on the fitness road. Very much like that first step an entrepreneur takes towards his startup.

My entrepreneurship lifestyle has a lot of fitness rules incorporated by default. Here are my Top 5 Fitness rules that should gel in completely with an entrepreneur’s personality.

Specific GOALS:

You got to have Specific Goals. In fitness- whether you are trying to lose weight, add muscle or run a marathon. If you don’t have specific goals then you are pretty much heading everywhere (which means nowhere by the way). Note that the word Specific holds the key. You don’t just want to be fit. It’s like saying my goal is to be an entrepreneur. Duh! That’s being a wannapreneur. An entrepreneur goes after a specific goal and that’s defined in his vision.


Goals can’t be achieved without a routine. You achieve your goals by going after them day in and day out. Not randomly. There is a routine to follow. The routine defines you. It gets work done, deadlines met and puts a system in place. It’s the order of the body and the mind.

Push it:

If you ain’t pushing then you ain’t gonna get there. Yup. Results don’t come easy. They are not going to fall on your lap. You need to push hard. When hard becomes easy… you push harder. You keep pushing till your reach your goals.

Cheat Days:

Sundays are cheat days in fitness where you give your body the rest and the desired fuel. Pizza. Sweets and so on. An entrepreneurs cheat day may be called something else.. maybe just a Sunday. Have a Sunday. That’s a day when you do something different than the weekdays. Play some outdoors sport, watch movies, don’t open your laptop and so on. Whatever you are deprived during the 6-course action packed weekdays. Yes Saturdays are weekdays for us entrepreneurs.

Have a Sunday so you are ready for the action packed, goal oriented week. It won’t make a difference. It’s the law of averages. 1 day is not going to ruin your 6 days of hard work and routine.

Just Do it:

It’s not the last Rule. It’s the First Rule.

Of Fitness.. Of being an Entrepreneur… Of anything you want to achieve in life.

If you are ready for the pain then you are ready to be Fit and also an Entrepreneur.

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