Strategies to Increase Stickiness of Your Mobile App


This guest column is by Prateek Saxena, Managing Director, AppInventiv

Mobile apps have gained huge momentum because they allow customers to have all the information at their fingertips, and allows brands to stay close to their users. There is nothing wrong in saying that if your business is online and you have an app that can be downloaded by your users on their devices, your business has the chance of making a good impression. Moreover, with mobile app, businesses can increase their visibility, reinforce their brand and increase exposure across mobile devices to name a few.

However, convincing people to download your mobile app is not a very easy thing. Hence, a lot of emphasis is giving to improve the user experience, and in making sure the interface design in up to date. If a smartphone app is a part of your marketing strategy, you must have worked on these common strategies already. Mentioned below are some mobile app engagement strategies, which also play a vital role in increasing your overall revenue:

Make a Strong First Impression 

Once a user downloads your app, it is important for you to make him or her realize the true value for your app and give you user several reasons for not downloading it. In order to enhance your user’s experience, you can provide a 1 time splash page, a new pop-up screen with all necessary information that is required by a first time user. In addition, you need to make sure that the theme is eye-catching. When you give a pleasant user experience then there is a chance of customers returning to your app.

Personalise & Personalise Some More

You can retain customers on your app by giving them advice on the basis of their recent purchases as well as last viewed products. While sending suggestions you just need to make sure that all your messages are relevant and are of utmost importance. When you send them personalized notifications in comparison to generic messages then the customer feels privileged.

Make Happy Customers Your Influencers

Social media is considered as a great tool for advertising your business. Customers who are satisfied with their services are said to be very generous with the posts and there is no exaggeration in saying that with just one good tweet, you are at a higher chance of gaining more customers. Once a customer makes a purchase, or receives what they had requested, nudge them to share on social media with their friends. You can give them incentives to do so as well.

Make Use of In-App Messages

After having a clear understanding of the preferences of your users as well as their browsing patterns it will be easy for you to encourage them for making purchase of some additional items/services at the time of browsing on your app. However, you should not forget that your in-app messages are required to be used carefully because every single message might become a distraction and drive the users away. If executed right, you can up sell more products or services.

Introduce Augmented Reality Features

It gives a view of real-world environment directly or indirectly and thus, it is considered as the most interesting feature in mobile app these days. This is mostly applicable if you have a retail eCommerce business. Customers would love to see how the items would actually look before they buy them.

Review Feedback and Improve your App

Checking the feedback of your users is a very crucial step as it helps you in enhancing the qualities of your app. By effectively fine-tuning you app according to the feedback of users, you are likely to sell it to not only new users, but to also current customers.

Maximize the Scope of Education and Entertainment

Smartphones play a huge role in how customers spend their free time. It is seen that people turn to their phones to eradicate boredom or to fill waiting time. You can utilize this as huge opportunities in order to drive app usage. You can have a quirky blog or a community forum where users can spend time when they are not looking to make a purchase.

Use Marketing to Support Your App

You should not forget that app businesses cannot propel themselves and your app is competing with a million other apps, thus in this scenario staying top-of-mind is important. Thus, you need to come up with a recurring and sustainable marketing plan that pays attention on tactics for better results.

All the above mentioned strategies are amazing for increasing income through your mobile apps and helpful in retaining customers. However, there are still many other concrete strategies such as freemium, special discounts, rewards, integration of a “share” button, easy onboard-going process as well as the usage of deep linking. There is also a need to follow the rule of convenience in usage and simplicity. Hence, with the help of all these strategies, you can enhance the quality of your app and can retain customers. In other words, to draw the attention of several customers to your app, following these strategies is the best choice.

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