Selling to Millennials? Do it Right


This column is by Francis Cyriac, marketer & customer engagement expert at Ameyo Emerge

It’s not a surprise that the Indian startup ecosystem started developing in this decade itself, millennials like yourself are shedding the conventional norms of working, and are always in a supercharged mode to look for the most innovative solutions. India has at least a third of its population from this generation at the moment, generating a connected workforce year on year.

As consumers, they are also the most lucrative prospects to sell, they are tech savvy and are always looking for better alternatives. At the same time, as consumers, they are also hardest to sell because of the very same reasons. So how do you engage them and convert them into loyal users for your brand? Here are some things that all founders and marketers need to know about this generation


The generation we are talking about cannot be demarcated into clear segments. Unlike the previous generation of ‘Gen X’ millennials are more diverse. Even in a single geographic area you’ll have corporate employees, homemakers, students, freelancers, entrepreneurs, civil service personnels etc. all having their own needs. A single person would be a food blogger on one hand and a doctor on the other – how would you classify him?

Stay Connected

Owing to the rapid proliferation of smartphones, mobile Internet and social media, millennials are always connected to the Internet. In the next 4 years the connected population in India is expected to double to reach 730 million users. If they are not on their desktop, they have their smartphones on them all the time, making it necessary for brands to stay connected to serve them 24X7.

Be Socially Active

As a brand you might already be using Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter as your defacto marketing channels. What you should know is that the millennials quickly pick up trends, and due to network effects, other platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and even Quora are actively keeping them engaged. Pushing out marketing messages might not be enough, you might need to have a servicing team to redress any customer feedback coming through the channels relevant for your brand.

Loyalty Doesn’t Come Easy

The people from the millennial generation aren’t stringent about big brands, they’re open to trying out anything new that their peers recommend. This is one of the reasons Influencer Marketing has emerged more prominently in the last couple of years. At the same time, in case of a negative experience, they aren’t afraid to share it publicly on social media. Hence as a brand, you have to be really particular about your customer servicing.

Sell Value Not Brand

In line with the above point, building a brand among millennials is both easy and hard. It’s easy for those who do it right. The generation in discussion researches online thoroughly before making a purchase. They trust blogs, they trust strangers who leave reviews, they trust their network. How do you surface your own brand in the midst of this? Give them something of value without expecting anything in return. It could be a blog they would like to read, or a funny image they can share in their network. Don’t talk about yourself, talk about what’s relevant to them.

Bottomline – Keep the Word of Mouth Alive

Stating the obvious, engagement is more important than selling in present times. You can spend a lot of money, if you have, on display ads etc. but actual conversion will happen only if a) a customer ‘needs’ a solution which only you have or b) he/she is not skeptical of your brand. Like it has always been, a happy customer will refer your solution to their network, only the impact would be much larger now, thanks to the Internet. And the opposite is true for a dissatisfied customer. Moreover, a good customer servicing and retention strategy will generate no cost referral marketing as well.

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Disclaimer: This content is powered by Ameyo Emerge

Image Credit: Business Insider

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