OpenStack: Top 5 Benefits Everybody Should Know


This guest column is by Manoj Aggarwal, Founder, TetraNoodle Technologies

OpenStack is a modern, robust and versatile cross-platform open source software which is an excellent solution for cloud computing. It is a dominant software in the cloud world, and it is often said that OpenStack is the future of cloud computing.

This cloud solution is used by many large enterprises such as eBay, GoDaddy, PayPal, Yahoo, and so on. OpenStack provides a lot of tremendous benefits and enables startups, small to mid-scale business or even very large enterprise adopt and run their Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud platform. Let’s review some of these benefits:

1. Strong security

One of the main reasons why OpenStack is so popular in the world of cloud computing is – it has outstanding security features that keep you secure all the time.

  • Your data is always safe with OpenStack: Business owners always have a fear of data loss when they want to move their IT infrastructure to the cloud. But with OpenStack, there’s no reason to fear about data loss. It has the best security features to protect your data.
  • Team of security experts behind OpenStack: There is a group of security experts who are responsible for strengthening the security of OpenStack. The OpenStack Security Project maintained by the Vulnerability Management Team has been set up for finding and fixing security issues and security holes in the OpenStack software.

2. Open-source

OpenStack is open-source that makes it the favourite cloud software for the developers and entrepreneurs. The source code of this project can be found at

  • You can change OpenStack according to your growing needs: After choosing OpenStack, you may not find all the solutions to your cloud computing problems in this software. But the good news is that as it is open-source, you can always add extra features. Thus, it becomes very flexible software.
  • You can use it without any restrictions: OpenStack is free of cost, and there are no restrictions to use it. You can use it in whatever way you more specifically, there is no restriction regarding how long you use it, where you use it or for what purpose you use it.

3. Development support

OpenStack has been receiving a concrete development support from many prestigious companies and from the top developers of the IT industry for many years.

  • Support from companies: OpenStack gets development support from the IT giants such as Intel, IBM, AT&T, Cisco, Red Hat, Dell, Ubuntu, and so on. Thus, it’s improving by leaps and bounds, which is a great benefit for you.
  • Support from the community of developers: There are also a huge number of developers who are working hard to enhance OpenStack. They are constantly giving efforts to make it better.

4. An array of services for different tasks

OpenStack provides you with an array of services that accomplish different necessary tasks for your private, public and hybrid cloud.

  • List of OpenStack services: The list of OpenStack services is growing. The notable services or components are Neutron, Nova, Cinder, Glance, Trove, Keystone, Swift, Ironic, Horizon, Heat, Mistral, Ceilometer, Sahara, Zaqar, Barbican, Manila, Designate, Searchlight, etc.
  • Different services for different cloud computing tasks: There are different services or components for different cloud computing tasks. For example, Nova is for computing, Neutron for networking, Cinder for storage, Horizon for managing OpenStack using a dashboard, Mistral for managing workflows, Sahara for providing Hadoop clusters, and Zaqar is for messaging on the cloud.

5. Easy to access and manage OpenStack

OpenStack can be accessed and managed in several ways, which is a great benefit for you.

  • GUI-based dashboard: The administrators can access and manage the various aspects of OpenStack using a GUI-based dashboard. It is available as a web application.
  • Command line tools: You can use OpenStack using command-line tools.
  • APIs for programmers: You can manage OpenStack using the RESTful APIs.

This post talked about the main benefits of OpenStack. In a nutshell, OpenStack is cloud software that provides you with exceptionally high-quality solutions for your private, public and hybrid clouds. If you’re using other cloud software, you can easily move to OpenStack as its compatible with other cloud services. For example, it’s compatible with the Amazon Web Services APIs as well.

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