8 Innovative Healthtech Startups That Shone in IBM Smartcamp Challenge for Healthtech

Shown Above: Winning startups of IBM Smartcamp Challenge, with Kanamury Radhesh, Country Lead for IBM Global Entrepreneur Program(Sitting 3rd from Left)

Shown Above: Shortlisted startups of IBM Smartcamp Challenge, with Kanamury Radhesh, Country Lead for IBM Global Entrepreneur Program(Sitting 3rd from Left)

IBM has successfully concluded Smartcamp Challenge for Healthtech 2016. Hundreds of applications were sifted through to find the most innovative Indian startups in the healthcare technology space. Below are some of the best innovations in the Healthtech space in the country.

1. Oxyent Technologies

Oxyent’s mission is to build an advanced child healthcare solution. Its product leverages the IoT, Cloud and Big Data technology, enhancing the doctor-parent engagement model by enabling continuous and personalized child health monitoring.

The goal is to reduce the human error parameter and to provide a predictive model so that timely interventions can be done to save the lives of millions of children. A neonate’s complete lifecycle is linked into the system, right from his stay in NICU to his discharge and vaccination till the age of 12 years.

They have mobile applications ( Android/IOS) which provide a channel for the parents to be directly involved as  a part of the their childs healthcare plan ( Growth/Vaccinations/Prescriptions).  

2. THB

THB is taking the lead to drive the change in structuring, analyzing and generating insights from the Indian healthcare datasets. 

Its platform structures data in a way that it becomes analyzable in a variety of ways, and for a broad range of stakeholders. They leverage this flexible database to deliver insights through our comprehensive analytical modules, including but not limited to business intelligence (for management teams), clinical analytics (for doctors), and personalized care (for patients). Within our platform, we also offer inbuilt flexible modules that help capture and structure new datasets (e.g. clinical, administrative) in a structure that can enrich analytical insights.

3. Bodhi Health Education

Bodhi Health is trying to solve the problem of sourcing skilled workforce and developing talent  for healthcare providers with the use of technology. The Indian health workforce today faces three critical issues of quality, scarcity and under utilization.

Quality– As per World Health Organisation, 57% of the allopathic doctors in the urban areas do not have medical qualification. The same number is much worse in rural areas where only 20% having medical background.

Scarcity – India produces 0.2 million nurses and paramedics annually whereas the demand will exceed 5 million by 2020.

Underutilization – Around 50% of the existing medical workforce does not practice in the formal health system which highly impacts the health workforce density per 1000 population.

It sells the talent sourcing and assessment solution, Bodhi Nano programs, web & mobile learning system to private and public hospitals, medical & nursing colleges and the Govt. public health programs.

4. Pharmarack Technologies

Pharmarack technology is a network of all pharma supply chain participants. It is leveraging on Technology and network effect to solve problems in – Order Management, Procurement, Returns, Collections & Market Insights.

5. DailyRounds

DailyRounds is an academic network of Doctors. Doctors across the globe share and discuss unique and rare cases on the app. Each case gets a verified correct diagnosis within 24 hours of submission. This case library and discussions help senior Doctors keep updated even after they have left the medical colleges. The DailyRounds library aims to replace traditional medical journals, drug handbooks and pocket notes in many specialities.

6. UE LifeSciences

“Our innovation, iBreastExam (iBE) is the world’s first, US FDA cleared, hand-held, battery powered, fully wireless, mhealth solution for early detection of breast lesions.” says team UE LifeSciences. iBE offers an objective, quick, affordable, painless and radiation-free breast health test. The device can be operated by community health workers in any setting (clinic, home, office, rural health centre etc.) with results available at the PoC.

iBE is making an early detection test for breast lesions accessible, affordable, clinically relevant and culturally acceptable for the emerging markets.

7. Medikabazaar

Medikabazaar offers a range of medical supplies in a marketplace model thus making the buying and selling easier. Traditionally organizations have to deal with large no of vendors for procurement leading to inefficiency and ineffectiveness.

It aims to provide one stop solution leading to better time and resource utilization and increasing output efficiency. The suppliers obtain benefits beyond all geographical constraints by reducing their manpower cost and promotional or marketing spends. 

8. Cladoop, Inc

12-15% of Children are effected by ADHD (NIMH Data). Out of this, approximately 40% of children are misdiagnosed to be ADHD and are treated with medications/therapies just like any other ADHD patient. 1 Billion dollars are spent in US alone to treat a ‘disorder’ which doesn’t exist in the first place. 

The team at Cladoop worked with some of the Top Neuropsychologists (Dr. Richard Fabes, Dr Tracey Spinrad and Dr. Nancy Eisenberg) and Universities (Arizona State University) to develop a Multi Modal Attention measurement iPad app that relies on all round measurement of attention using multiple inputs.

Among the above mentioned startups, first prize went to Oxyent Technologies. First runners up was UE Lifesciences
and second Runners up was Daily Round.

The Judges were:
– Sanjay Mehta, Top 10 Angel Investors in India
– Arihant Patni, Founder, Ideaspring Capital and Hive India
– Nandkishore Dhomne, Group CIO of Manipal Hospitals
– Mukul Mathur, VP, One Channel and CSI, IBM India and SA
– Sateesh Andra, MD, Endiya Partners
– Padmaja Ruparel, President, Indian Angel Network
– Seemant Jauhari, CEO, Apollo Research & Innovations
– Dr. Guru Reddy, Chairman, Continental Hospitals
– Seema Kumar, Country Leader, Startups and Ecosystem, IBM India and SA
– Deepak Natrajan, MD, Aarin Capital

Next in line in the Smartcamp series is the Smartcamp for Smart City. IBM GEP is accepting applications from B2B and B2C Startups less than 5 years having innovations in the area of Energy & Utility, Transportation, Sanitation, Water, Citizen Management, Safety and Surveillance. Agritech startups are also welcome.

The link for applying is

Disclaimer – This content is powered by IBM Global Entrepreneur

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