7 Marketing Techniques Learnt From Successful Entrepreneurs

gordon moore

Shown Above: Gordon Moore, co-founder and Chairman Emeritus, Intel Corporation

This guest column is by Shraddha Tewari, Editor, TheRealPBX

A famous saying, “I never perfected an invention that I did not think about in terms of the service it might give others… I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent” by Thomas Edison reveals the one of the secret tip to become a successful entrepreneur.

Hunting for an exciting and thrilling career in a fast-growing company, professionals from sales & marketing, human resource to finance department are flocking to get established in start-up roles. But, entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. Diligence, superb social skills, ability to overcome hardships, ability to build a unique marketing strategy frames some of the characteristics of entrepreneurs.

When we think of entrepreneurs, some of the iconic figures Steve Jobs, Bill gates, Gordon Moore instantly spring to mind. Years of hard work, unique ideas and strategic marketing skills helped them to realize their dreams. Here are a few techniques we can pick up from them

Build up Anxiety among Audience

Keep your products secret. Engage users by enabling them make a wild guess. Just give a hint about your awesome product and services and don’t spread its details. Let the customer engage with the brand through a guessing game. Apple implemented the same strategy during the launch of Apple Watch. Its launch process was initiated in market with the name iWatch rather using its actual name Apple Watch and its design was kept secret. Self-marketing strategies can be implemented by initiating viral discussions on social media.

Perform Vigilant Risk Assessment

Thriving with high aspirations, small business entrepreneurs enter the business world to turn their ideas and knowledge into moneymaking companies. But, the failure to assess the risks associated with the startups pulls down its success rate. Forbes revealed the reasons behind startup failures. Extensive research and analysis, effective goal-setting, hunting high and low, studying about the target market can play a crucial role in helping your business deal with hardships successfully.

Answer Customer Needs Satisfactorily

Failing to recognize customer needs lead to business breakdown. Create a compelling message that describes features and benefits of the product, unique selling points. Pricing forms the critical part of brand development. Choosing the right price can help you to maximize profits and build up healthy relationships with the customers. Also, active engagement and dialogue with the customers can help to acquire better understanding of the customer needs’.

Build An Appealing Visual

Powerful visuals can create strong image of the brand and help in its quick establishment. Interactive and engaging visual enables you to build a long term relation with the existing customers and also, helps to create new customers. You can communicate some useful message through visuals and ensure everything in the design serves an objective. Also, compile brand attributes in the message and use it effectively in every marketing campaign.

Frequently Approach Customers and Prospects

Frequently connecting with customers and prospects using latest promotional offers can help to build a perfect image of the brand. Generating referrals, examining the customers’ experience with the products and services offered will enable them engage better with the brand. Only a small percentage of customers may respond to the approach made. Well, that’s normal. But, frequently contacting the customers will help to generate interest among them.

Create Less and Earn More

A research over the marketing strategy used by some of the brands such as Nokia, Samsung and Apple has led to an inference that what matters is giving less but with utmost perfection. Steve Jobs always excelled in this mantra. Till date, it’s only one iPhone, one iMac and one iPad, etc. However, apple has deviated from its ideology after the death of Steve Jobs. The launch of so many variants of Apple Watch at the same time explains it all. Nokia and Samsung launch so many phones. And it becomes difficult to choose the best out of many. Contrary to this, creating just one perfect product can help in better establishment of the brand.

Make Wise Use of Everything

Utilizing the best resources available in the market can help to reach informed decisions. Growth hacking is one of the famous branding tool making its presence in the market. A business website can be promoted and marketed by performing social media optimization, A/B price testing, website analytics and implementing content marketing strategies. Track what satisfies the customers most. Understanding where, when and how to spend helps to fulfil the need of customers satisfactorily.

Wrapping it up

Starting your own venture is an exciting journey. But, certain things need to be considered before making the start. A perfect blend of a game-changing idea and vigorous marketing efforts guarantees successful establishment of any business and can turn any founder into a successful entrepreneur.

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