[In Pictures] History of IoT — Far Beyond ‘Smart’ Things

Mars Exploration Rover

This column is by William Belk, Founding Partner, Formula Partners

Visual History of IoT — Far Beyond ‘Smart’ Things

From early visionaries to futuristic applications, the Internet of Things was fueled by raw innovation in connectivity and robotics.

~1900: Radio Control

radio control

~1960: Hospital Pager

hospital pager

~1965: Telephone Modem

Image Source: Wikipedia

~1965: Mechanical/Hydraulic Exoskeleton

Image Credit: Cybernetic Zoo

~1970: Unmanned Reconnaissance Drone

Image Source- Wikipedia

~1970: Red Light Camera

Image Credit: Chicago Tribune

~1975: Cellular Phone Prototype
cellular phone prototype~1975: Telephone Pager

telephone pager

~1975: Product UPC Codes

product upc codes

~1985: Consumer Cellular Phone
consumer cellular~1985: Electronic Toll Collection via Transmitter
Electronic toll~1990: World Wide Web


~1990: Satellite GPS
satellite gps~1990: In-Car Navigation

in car navigation

~1990: Combat Drones

combat drines

~1995: Mobile SMS & Internet Phone

mobile phones

~1995: Facial Recognition

facial recognition

~2000: WIFI


~2000: RFID Passports
rfid passports~2005: RFID Shipping Containers

rfid shipping

~2005: Mars Rover

~2005: Arduino


~2005: Law Enforcement Body Cameras

law enforcements

~2010: Cellular Connected Parking Meters
parking meters~2010: Warehouse & Logistics Automation

warehouse automation

~2010: Farm Automation

farm automation

~2010: Self-Driving Car
self driving car~2010: Consumer 3D Printing

consumer 3d printing

~2010–15: Smart Devices
Smart Thermostat - Nest

Smart Thermostat – Nest

Amazon Dash Button

Amazon Dash Button

apple watch

Apple Watch 

Fitbit smart band

Fitbit smart band 


Amazon Echo 

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