IBM Global Entrepreneur Program Invites HealthTech Startups for Smartcamp Challenge

IBM HealthTech

IBM Global Entrepreneur Program in association with Manipal Hospitals and THub is conducting a challenge for Healthtech Startups, called the IBM Smartcamp for Healthtech.

The top 10 innovative companies in the Healthtech space in India will be presenting to a panel consisting of VCs, IBM Execs, Manipal Hospital Execs, where they will be getting feedback on their solution. These select startups will also be presenting to Enterprise CIOs in the Healthcare space, in front of an audience of 200+ people.

Startups less than 5 years, who are having innovations in the Healthcare sector using Information technology as a backbone can apply. iamwire would be featuring the top 10 startups as well.

Great opportunity for Healthtech Startups to go to the next level.  The last date to apply is October 8th. To register or to know more details check this link ->

IBM Global Entrepreneur Program is the Startup initiative of IBM. They engage with Startups in providing them with Cloud credits worth $24000 / year on Softlayer and Bluemix. The winning startups get an opportunity to raise investment and to get more clients for their products. You have to be a member of IBM Global Entrepreneur Program for applying for the Smartcamp.

Disclaimer: This content is powered by IBM Global Entrepreneur Program

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