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Ameyo Emerge – A Made in India Product for Startups Catering to the Millennials

Ameyo EmergeThis column is by Francis Cyriac, marketer & customer engagement expert at Ameyo Emerge

Millennials are driving the technology ecosystem in India, one way or the other. In fact, they are playing a much bigger role in the entire economy of the country. A report by Goldman Sachs ‘India Consumer Closeup’, speaks of how the 440 millennials and 390 million GenZ individuals will make India’s consumer story one of the world’s most compelling for the next 20 years.

A lot many B2C startups are catering to this same demographic of largely Internet-connected individuals. Now in 2016, this set of consumers understand that there is probably an app or a website for any product or service they are seeking. And if they don’t like one, there are half a dozen alternatives waiting to be tried. Hence, startups are now focussing on delivering a ‘Wow’ service the best they can.

Keeping customers happy in a hyper-connected world isn’t easy. A happy customer ‘might’ leave a good review at one place, but a distressed customer is likely to contact you through every available channel – Customer support number, website, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Understanding this behaviour of millennial consumers, India-based technology firm Drishti-soft Solutions launched ‘Ameyo Emerge’ in August 2015, made especially for Indian startups.

What is Ameyo Emerge?

Ameyo Emerge is a cloud-based contact center platform that helps startups integrate customer interactions seamlessly across channels including Voice, Mobile, Social, Chat, Email and SMS. The aim behind the product is to help firms solve customer interaction and scale challenges to grow with a focus on their core technology.

The cloud contact center is based on Drishti-soft’s existing enterprise solution called Ameyo, which is currently deployed by over 1600 firms globally.

Key Features of Ameyo Emerge

  • Single Interface for Inbound and Outbound Communications

The platform streamlines all inbound and outbound communications from different channels into a single interface, with some of the basic contact center features including call recording, queuing, click to call and so on.

  • Intelligent Routing

In order to give an improved customer experience, the product allows automatic call routing, where any incoming call can be redirected to the right department, team or agent. For a B2B2C business, where vendor to customer interactions also take place, the product allows number masking as well.

  • Business Tools Integration

The system can be integrated with existing CRMs, help desk softwares, live chat platforms etc. Another important feature is that it converts social media comments and replies to tickets within the same dashboard, to allow a faster turnaround.

Who Should Use It?

The solution would come handy for startups which have to frequently interact with customers daily. This would make up companies in the industries like eCommerce, logistics, hyper-local services across sectors etc. At present, Ameyo Emerge counts startups like Droom, UrbanClap, Grofers, Revv etc. as its clients.

If you would like to try out Ameyo Emerge for your business, click here to schedule a demo.

Disclaimer: This content is powered by Ameyo Emerge

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