4 Easy Steps to Gain Brand Exposure For Your Startup

A still from Dollar Shave Club's viral commercial

A still from Dollar Shave Club’s viral commercial

This guest column is by Selva Kumar, Digital Marketing Head, Purebus

India is probably the only country blessed to have nearly 50% of its population in the youth segment. This is a big advantage for the country as it can leverage this to grow its economic level faster than before. A lot of young people are energetic, talented and enthusiastic, who come up with a lot of new ideas and concepts which have the power to change the daily lifestyle of people.

Here are the advantages they have:

1. Ability to work 24*7
2. Passion about what they do
3. Perseverance in their work
4. Technically sound
5. Willingness to solve a mass problem

They all got it right. But most of them are struggling in two things

  1. Acquiring their place in the market
  2. Successfully reaching out to their end customers

Here are reasons why they struggle

1. They don’t know how to market their products/service

2. Unable to create a product which is enough to fulfil the end user requirements

3. Can’t find who are their exact customers

4. Miscalculation in the budget prediction

Let me discuss some major points here which you can follow. Here are a few steps I used to follow to market products to my clients successfully.

1. Know who is your ideal customer

So you have decided to make a product or sell a service. This can be either be an entirely new product/service or an improvisation of an existing one. If it’s new, then you have to create a market for your product. If the product/service is an existing one, then you have to compete with your competitor and acquire their customers. There is also an option is that you can gain new customers who are entering the market for the first time.

To find out your ideal customers, you have to create a buyer persona. A  basic buyer persona is a model which consists of a biodata and the customer’s interest.

You have to create a buyer persona by considering yourself as a customer for your product. It is the best way to create a good Buyer Persona. Imagine yourself as a customer and write down the problems you face in existing product/service of your competitor. If your product is unique, then note down how it is going to be helpful and what are all the problems it is going to solve.

The people who have the problems which you have written down are your ideal customers, and you can focus on them. To write a better buyer persona you have to know the customer’s pain points well.

2. Find out the pain points of your customers

Pain points are customers’ real life problems in using the product/service and their struggles in their day to day life. If you want to make your product better than your competitor, you have to do proper research on the market need. Identifying pain point is an easy task. People who are frustrated with your competitor’s products are always expressing their anger on product review pages and forums.

Head over to Google and search for “You competitor brand name”+ review.  Google will give you a list of results, go through all of those results and find out the customer complaints.

List them out and write down how can you solve the problem and try to implement the solution in your product/service. If your service/product is new, you have to research on how the product saves time or how can it make work easier than before.

Also use “Your competitor brand name”+ inurl:forum in google search to find out the forum discussions about your competitors.

3. Find the best platform to reach your customers

The primary online platforms are Search Engines and Social Media.

Social media is the best place to grow your brand whereas search engine gives you traffic and exposure to new people daily.

If you are B2C business, you can use Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest to market your service. If you are B2B, you have to use B2B social media platforms like Linkedin and Twitter as well. You can use Youtube as both a B2B and B2C platform. A lot of SaaS companies find their clients on Linkedin and Youtube.

4. Reach Your Target customers with your solution and humour

Successful marketing involves demonstrating the solution in the advertisement. There are a lot of examples to show. But here I’ll show you the best one for B2C.

Dollar shave club is a good example for both brand exposure through a viral video and showcasing the solution to the customer’s problem in their ad. The video went viral on the day of its release on youtube. More than 23 million people have viewed the ad on Youtube since.

The ad indirectly stated that the customers are paying more amount for just brand names. The video also stated the guarantee of quality of the product. The result was that they got a great exposure and increased sales.

If you are in a less fun niche and want a brand exposure, then go for funny ads which make people laugh and share. At the same time markets your product with the customers happy moment.

A great example of this concept is Tipp-Ex’s successful, viral and funny video ad on its Youtube channel. The ad plays around a shooter and a bear. The users were asked what to do next with Bear and Hunter. The response was great, and the company got 30% hike in their sales within the short time.

So if you are having a lot of technical talent, grow your marketing talent, along with your own skill to market your product/service successfully. It will help you in finding new ideas to reach out the people. Marketing skill is essential to stand up in the competitive world.

Image Credit: Fortune

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