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How to Win The Great App War

mobile app experienceThis guest column is by Tejinder Oberoi, Founder Director, m1 Order

“WOW! Congratulations on 10k downloads of SHOPPING APP!” All those sleepless nights and days of strategizing and implementing, marketing from pillar to post, reaching milestones all repaid…Chest pumped up with joy, mind full of dreams, aspirations and the entrepreneurial brain calculating the VC money and investors… Picture perfect story, right?

APP-TSUNAMI rocks the consumer world every now and then with flashy advertisements in newspapers, irresistible offers, discounts to die for and weekend to weekday sales. Anything and everything for downloads, is the mobile-app mantra. WHAT NEXT?

“Holding on to users after they’ve installed an app is even more expensive than getting a user to install it in the first place. ~ Business Insider 

Although app usages have increased in past few years, barely 20% of apps are used only once! So much efforts, all in vain. Every day, thousands of apps flood the play-store. Considering limited space on mobile phones, the major concern for an app company would be to get more downloads and keep those users engaged. Having a sustainable personalized mobile app engagement is key. So, what does it take to create one?

Brace yourselves for the Great App War with these “War-Gears” … because a COOL APP doesn’t always strike a chord with the consumers.

1. Optimal App Experience

Merely increasing app opens is not a strong metric to judge performance. Is your app WORTH? Optimize the User Interface to enhance user experience. Play smart and place intelligent call to actions buttons. Analyze how your consumers are using the app after opening it, observe activities, time spent and transactions done.

The War Cry: How do I better engage my user with quality, personalised search results?

2. Reduce Clutter

Spoiling your consumers for choices? Awesome… but avoid it when on mobile! Distractions cause users to roam around the app, which leads to no monetization. Reduce the confusion in app, use simple buttons and icons. Simplify shopping, provide easy to understand processes… Consumers sure don’t love rule books!

The War Cry: How to simplify App experience for users?

3. Irresistible offers Vs Valuable Messaging

For a business to run profitably, 365 days of discount/sale is IMPOSSIBLE! Every single weekend the newspaper flashes with huge advertisements on flash sales, promos and offers. While the Hyperlocal apps are busy cracking clever sales and discount schemes, they should have thought about ways of optimizing on the costs and finding a way out to calculate the ROI for these advertisements!

The War Cry: Are you sure that your AD has created an interest amongst readers? How do you calculate your ROI for the ad-spent?

4. Prioritize research

Research, research and research more…on market conditions, consumer demands, making lives easier and adding value with your App. Online shopping these days has metamorphosed into ‘an experience’ and amassed a graveyard of worries and sorts as well. How does a consumer get attracted to use your app, what makes your operations so smooth and easy for them?

The War Cry: How does your APP stand out in the market?

5. Use location services for promotion

Travelling, finding a parking space, shopping, standing in queue, packing, unpacking and more waiting…with all this and more, today consumers are forced to find alternatives to the traditional shopping methodology. Try adding the personalised touch with location based services, IT HELPS! With marketplace offerings in hyperlocal apps, consumers can easily track the nearest store for pick-up/delivery and stock updates. Stores can also carry-out their own promotional offerings based on festive season, area etc.

The War Cry: How does your app personalize experience and strike the right chords at the right time?

To wind-up with: It’s not that consumers don’t like using apps, 90% of mobile time is mobile web vs mobile apps. So how do we combat the mobile screen time space?

It’s vital to understand how to communicate with your consumers, their preferred medium of communication- mobile apps. To continue doing so at every stage of the customer life cycle and evolve with consumer mind-set, the only way is to create long-lasting relationships. Maximising customer retention, promoting brand advocacy, promotions, consumer stickiness to app… businesses are struggling to encash on the latter. Embracing mobile apps as part of your customer strategy will help you stay ahead of the competition, create value for your clients and generate revenue.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post. The statements, opinions and data contained in these publications are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of iamwire and the editor(s).

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