How Startups On A Budget Can Hire Amazing Talent

3683.Nubis_Team_May_2013This guest column is by Farhan, Founder & Chief Editor, Mojjari

Let’s face it – hiring employees for your startup is far more difficult than starting the company itself. Startups usually have a tight budget and limited number of resources at hand to perform well and while managing to stand up with restrictions, hiring employees with less than attractive salary package for them becomes an even tougher job. Although they don’t have large amounts of money to attract talented employees yet without promising talent in the company it becomes quite hard for a start-up to survive in the industry and produce high-class products! It’s like they must hire top talent otherwise they better go home. And why? Every entrepreneur wants the best staffs in their team with outstanding capabilities and abilities that ensure company’s growth.

Fortunately, not every route leads to a dead end for startups as well as business that are on a budget. There are many ways to hire talented employees without breaking the bank. Here is what you can do:

Be Passionate

That is a must to begin with. The way employees and prospective candidates judge a company depends a lot on the behaviour of its core team. Be passionate about what you do. Nobody will agree on joining your brigade if you do not show interest in your work. A lot of employees will accept your offer if they find a positive work environment in your company and will sustain as well if you provide them a lot of learning opportunities even if the pay is meagre in the beginning.

Use Freelancing Websites

The best place to look for experienced as well as inexperienced but promising employees is the freelancing websites. A lot of new companies and start-ups begin their search of top talent through such websites. No matter what is your budget, as long as it’s realistic, you will definitely find someone on a freelancing website that will take up your project. Once you have worked with freelancers you can extend the offer and make it permanent or even hire them in your company.

Consider Hiring Part-time Employees

Okay this is sort of a given. Full time employees will need a better salary package to be attracted to the job while a part time candidate is more likely to settle for less. So you can always hire great talent on a part time basis and utilize their skills and talent for the good of your company without having to pay a lot.

Offer Various Work Options

Once you start recruiting people you will come across a lot of them, some will be interested in the money, some will want to know how quickly they will get a raise while there will be others who will be a lot more interested in your product and the project instead of what you pay them. This does not mean you being the employer get to exploit their trait. Offer them a realistic deal but understand these are the kind of people a startup actually needs in their team.

Following these pieces of advice you can definitely hire a great and talented staff for your startup without offering them big salaries. Employees along with their bosses grow in such circumstances and as long as you being the caring boss realize and appreciate their efforts and consider them a part of your team and not just employees, they are more likely to stay.

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