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Which Is Better – Motivation or Inspiration?

Push-pullThis column is by Cameron R. Brown, Founder, The Thriving Collective

A client said to me recently “I’m just not that motivated anymore. I want to do the things that are required to take things to the next level in my business & life, but I just don’t feel I’ve got the motivation to do it.”

I said to him “What you’re looking for is Inspiration not Motivation.”

Why Motivation Doesn’t Work

Think about motivation for a moment…

If you’re constantly having to motivate yourself, you’re constantly having to push and push and push yourself just to make things happen, whether that be implementing a new marketing strategy, delivering on an overdue project, leading others etc.

On the other hand, inspiration is like you’re being pulled along. You feel inspired… It’s effortless and that’s what you want, not motivation. Because if you’re relying on motivation, it’s only a specific amount of time before you burn out. You might think you’re invisible but if you’re constantly having to push and push and push, there’s only a certain amount of time you can do that before you feel unmotivated, unproductive and burnt out.

Getting The Inspiration Going

Now, the key to being inspired is to feel like you’ve actually got something that’s pulling you along… You’ve got to have a reason why you do what you do and I strongly suggest that:

  • It’s about more than just money
  • It’s bigger than just yourself

Having something that inspires you completely, something that feels like it’s pulling you along, will then flow into your business, your leadership, your relationships etc.

Find your Inspiration, then take strategic action otherwise you’re going to be relying on constantly pushing and pushing and pushing and as I mentioned before, there’s only a certain amount of time before you’ll feel completely burnt out.

I’d love to hear from you… What inspires you the most?

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