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Why You Should Really Startup in India Right Now

start-a-startup-800x445This guest column is by Anjli Jain, Managing Partner at EVC Ventures.

Starting Up was never that easy in India.

We Indians have moved far and beyond. Still, however, the double-headed monster – where procrastination is the first head and social stigmas is the second – holds its powerful grips over us.

Let’s take a minute and talk about that monster a little bit.


One of the oldest obstacles of success never been more actual as it is today thanks to the sheer number of choices we have given ourselves. Why keep on jogging when it feels better to stop? Why wake up earlier when it feels good to take that half an hour of extra sleep? Why train to play that instrument when it is no fun at all nor cool? Why startup up when you can keep your savings safe and your life comfortable?

It is easy to become sheepish under the scorching sun and put innovating and risk-taking to others and then dismiss their efforts as them simply trying too hard. But then would our ancestors have built Konark and Taj Mahal if they thought the same? You know they didn’t have AC’s back then.

Life has two zones. The Comfort Zone and the Power-Up zone. Ask every successful person you know which zone they live in. Mark the answer.

Social stigmas

India can be one of the most difficult place to startup. It is okay. They say we’ve been in a slumber for a very long time. It’s time to wake up and break out.  

We are our family’s sons and daughters, but we are descendants of evolution too. Societies never evolved as such, only individuals who created such tidal waves that flooded entire societies with new way of thinking.

Castes. Rules. Over time, our notion of roles and related rules have become obsolete and rudimental. Our strength is in our diversity, in our culture and history. Let us not let the past hold us back from progression. It should rather serve as inspiration.

The universe hasn’t really concerned us for quite some time. Yet something keeps is quite down. Down from what?

It is okay to break aside once in a while. It hurts at the beginning but it strengthens you as you go. It is an amazing feeling. And the best thing about us Indians is that we always come back.

Our self-correcting mechanisms ensure that as soon as we reach heights we always come down to apologize. Tears of joy follow and you’ve been forgiven. It feels as if we have never left. The balance is reestablished, but this time not on the same level, because we decided to step in and bring in the difference.

Perhaps that’s what makes us so unique while starting up.

Slay the double-headed monster.

Start up now!

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