How To Perform In A Storm

influencer20This column is by Joe Jacobi, Olympic Gold Medalist, Performance Coach & Consultant

The dust never settles.

More time doesn’t just arrive.

I know good and wise people who are ready to move on a big idea, an important action, or a long leap that could create something special.

From the outside looking in, I can feel the impact of what it means to land that jump. Write that book. Launch that side business. Compete in that event. Perform in front of that audience. Cut away that negative person who needs to be shown the exit door from their life.

These bold choices move them out to the edge. Suddenly, the jump looks more challenging. The other side appears farther away. The weather seems ominous.

The jump doesn’t happen.

Sometimes, I am one of those people who misses the jump. I don’t like that feeling.

Patience is an asset in key pursuits. However, the longer we wait for the weather to change, storms to settle, or simply for more time to appear, the more our inclination leans into uneasiness. Attention shifts to what isn’t working as opposed to what works.

And the thing is, the other elements that we wait on to clear keep hanging around.

Yes, the jump can happen another day. But, in my own experience, you know what can’t wait another day? A small step. One small step that moves you a little closer to the edge — with more perspective and awareness.

My “every day” step is my Small Steps Daily Practice. Each day, I invest in myself through a routine of short exercises that expands mindfulness, physical capacity, reflection, and creativity, which in turn wards off:

Fear — because the idea of not trying truly is more painful than not succeeding.

Myths — Opinions of certainty expressed as facts.

Negativity — A comfortable place to assign accountability anywhere but here.

Noise — Other people’s ideology drowning out the voice of your own instincts.

Extremes — Certainty left unchallenged.

Average — The deal accepted from the silent assailant, the status quo.

These are a few of the common jump-killers. There are more and none of them ever go away. But what is 100% changeable is how you effectively navigate around them.

When my big jumps aren’t happening, I only have to go back to check in on the quality of my small steps over the past week. Or month. Or year. The method by which small steps get done IS the way the big leaps get done.

When I’m on, one thing is clear… storms make for good jumping weather.

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