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5 Ways to Grow Your Mobile App Startup

This guest column is by Mehul Rajput, CEO, Mindinventory

Since evolution of smart phones, the mobile application market has boomed like never before. Mobile apps are no more limited to games or utilities. Nowadays shopping, banking transactions, education, fitness, entertainment, etc. everything is available through mobile apps, which is not only user friendly but also data saving.


Mobile applications are flooding in the market at lightning speed and so is the industry flooded with mobile app development startup companies. These companies are started with great enthusiasm, but all of them are not able to survive in the market. It can be due to low capital investment or not using correct strategies of using the capital invested. These mobile app startups have to practice techniques that can boost their business and let them stand at top in this cut throat competition.

With billions of people downloading mobile apps, the demand graph of mobile apps is moving upwards continuously, making it challenging for mobile app development companies to create their identity and stand at the top. Here are few fundamental ways that can help the mobile app startups to grow and take their lead:

1. Innovations Always Capture Attention

Every routine gets mundane, and everyone needs change to something better. Same is the case with mobile apps, every now and then users get to experience a new app with improved functions. Innovation is the key to grow. And for innovation, the startup companies need to study the market, user experiences and what new users are looking for. It is crucial to understand the targeted users and their needs. And accordingly design a solution that can cater to their needs besides give value addition.

2. Invest in Right Resources

It is rightly said that “Talent wins games, but teamwork intelligence wins championship”. Even if you being an entrepreneur of a mobile app startup does not know how to develop it, you can win the game if you hire right team for your startup. It is necessary to have a qualified team of engineers with substantial experience. Investing in right resources can protect you from any possible loss of time, efforts, money and repute.

3. Intuitive App Design

When we talk about the mobile app design, there is always need for a sophisticated design with attractive colors and buttons. But this is not enough to make it intuitive. An intuitive design is something that allows users to operate the application without any need to learn how to operate. The design that can make the application highly user friendly. To design a mobile app intuitive, you need to study what level of knowledge your targeted users already have and what they need to know. And based on these research you need to decide how can you design the mobile app that is not just appealing but so simple that even a user with basic knowledge or a novice can easily learn and use it.

4. Pre-launch and Post Launch Marketing

Marketing is the medium of introducing your mobile app to the targeted people/users. Even if the application is underdevelopment, you can figure out the right techniques of marketing pre-launch and post launch. As said by famous management guru Peter F. Drucker, “The aim of marketing is to know and understand customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself”. This quote emphasizes on the importance of pre-launch app marketing concept, that helps in spreading the word of your app right from the day you start working on it. You can approach the potential customers or users or your friends of the app and talk about the key features that are coming up. Their inputs will also be helpful in polishing the final product. Using social media, word of mouth marketing, television, radio advertise, and various other mediums can be used for promoting an application before and after launch, which can be selected depending on the targeted audience.

5. Users Feedback Matters

The popularity of your mobile app depends on the unique and glitch free features that the application is offering to its users. The reviews given by the users points out the real issues as well as strengths of your mobile application. When a user is talking about an issue, you must respond it with your steps of solution and perform required improvements. As a mobile app startup, it is crucial as a company to create and maintain its brand value. And by paying attention to your customers or users comments, and responding them on time, will help you in creating a great brand value and trust. It is a good idea to inform users of your planned releases and what more features will be introduced. This way you can retain your customer base.

These are some of the points that every mobile app startups should practice to improve its operations and grow. Innovation and marketing are the key factors that can make your startup grow at leaps and bound.

Disclaimer: This is a guest column. The statements, opinions and data contained in these publications are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of iamwire and the editor(s).

Image Credit: Surbhi Jain

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    Be attentive with all the latest technology and new ideas are always liked by people. For example, PokemonGo Game app..People are going crazy about it because of AR technology introduced in the game

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