Opinzo: Social Polling and Opinion Sharing Platform Created by DU Students

Today, people engage in polls everyday, knowingly or unknowingly, starting from ‘What should I wear’ to ‘Who should I vote’. Everyone needs an opinion, a mass opinion sets the bar for ‘Right & Wrong, To-do or Not to-do’.

As the response rate of telephone went down, not only companies but the populous too needed an effective way to find answers. Also, getting an accurate sample required interviewing more people, thus increasing the cost. Then came the era of internet where polling became a new technique to find out the defined ‘Right’. Just like telephones had techniques for user engagement, internet has its own too. There’s no way to randomly reach the relevant people. Effectiveness of door-to-door and delivery speed of a telephonic call, are gone by. A few tags, a relevant question will reach you to the right people. To empower opinions and help businesses and individuals make the best decision possible, Opinzo came into being.

From L-R: Opinzo Founders Pranav Aggarwal and Ketan Malhotra

From L-R: Opinzo Founders Pranav Aggarwal and Ketan Malhotra

Founded by final year college mates at Shaheed Sukhdev College, Pranav Aggarwal and Ketan Malhotra in 2015, Opinzo is a social polling and opinion sharing platform where users can post their questions in the form of polls and seek instant votes and opinions from other users.

Pranav stated that opinions can be expressed by voting and commenting on different polls. Each poll is tagged with a few topics, these can be followed by the users to customize the content that they see. With topics ranging from Politics to Bollywood, Education to Technology, these is something for everyone. Polls on Opinzo can also be shared across all social platforms, be it Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Email or any other. They can also be embedded on all types of websites using simple embed codes.

The company is trying to help brands and individuals conduct polls and find opinions of other users of the same. In a conversation with Pranav, he said, “The company is working on a massive new update for its android app which shall incorporate viral content functionalities and an improved UI for higher user engagement. The new version of the App shall also reward users for their engagements with the platform. We hope to release this within the next 2 months.”

Business Model

The company plans to monetise by partnering with brands and conducting their polls on the platform to help them engage with users and find opinions on the product/s. Now, these polls will be sponsored and will have better visibility than others.

The network claims to have more than 2500 registered users with Android App having more than 400 downloads. “As the App is proving to be more engaging, the company is shifting its focus from website to more device centric.”

Screenshot - Website 1

The company is currently being bootstrapped. Pranav stated that Opinzo is a part of e-spark accelerator based out of Greater Noida, so for now they’re looking to connect with investors for future rounds.

iamwire’s Take

There are many problems associated with online polls like ‘Limited Sampling & respondent availability’ (Infrastructure), as users on the internet are bombarded with tons of messages everyday- your message has a potent probability of being ignored or deleted, the data is too less and unreliable etc. These problems need to be addressed, data without accuracy now holds no place now. There are tons of companies offering similar services, google would give you an unending list of startups on the keyword ‘poll maker’. Some have even started providing reports of analytics as powerpoint presentations. Companies like SurveyMonkey, who’re acting as a complete online surveying tool, are also trying to bring accuracy to the data. Infrastructure might still be a problem if your company depends on the lower-end consumers.

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