Nubesol Wants to Transform Indian Sugar Industry With Technology

SugarcaneNubeSol Technologies Pvt Ltd is a Bengaluru based startup that specialises in solutions based on remote sensing technologies aimed at transforming the sugar industry ecosystem. Nubesol was founded by Suraj Dixit on 27 March 2013 with the vision to create positive impact on farming and environment.

NubeSol intends to realize its vision by investing into adoption of advanced technologies in agriculture, technology Innovations which are affordable by farming community, Effective use of agriculture mechanization and on the farm Research and Development in partnership with relevant stakeholders.

It offers services for forecasting cane acreages, sugarcane yield through precision monitoring; increasing productivity and sugarcane yield through proactive interventions; and maximising sugar recovery at reduced operational cost. Nubesol also offers affordable solutions for agriculture mechanization and engages in farm Research and Development in partnership with relevant stakeholders. It has dedicated Android apps that farmers can use to monitor different functions of production and shipping.


 Problems Being Addressed by Nubesol

Challenges that have been faced by farmers in sugarcane industry are factories are crushing less cane, high harvest and transportation cost and loopholes in traditional ways of cane surveying. Nubesol Technologies using its patented algorithm is helping factories to identify exact cane areas and forecast plot by plot with accurate cane acreages. Advanced technology platform also helps in accurately forecasting optimum maturity dates of each cane plot.

The firm has a subscription based model through which they generate revenue. It offers the following services to the farmers

Remote Sensing Technology (RST) – Advisory services for automated cane survey, forecasting accurate cane acreages, cane disposal reports on regular basis. The accurate forecast is given at the start of the season and disposal reports up to 6-8 is provided during the crushing season.

Crop Information Management System (CIMS) – It provides a platform to manage grower and land record management, Crop care & advisory using remote sensing, for yield forecasting supported by advanced analytic’s & operational metrics reporting.

Efficient Logistics (EL) – Its platform produces data on dynamic harvest planning, manages efficient scheduling, monitors, tracks and manages the entire transport fleet. 

Investment Raised

NubeSol has got investments from Villgro, India’s oldest and foremost social enterprise incubator and Artha, which is focused on impact investment in social enterprise in India, with a concentration on the agriculture, livelihoods and small-scale renewable energy sectors.

Market Opportunity

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 2.50.11 PM

According to Indian sugar mills association, India has 632 sugar factories and millions of sugarcane farmers. It is a start, in their research they conclude that sugarcane sector is waiting for significant transformation. Nubesol model is replicable for all perennial crops on which they are currently doing the research.

Sugar production in India is forecasted to be 25.1 million tonnes in 2016. om Rs 0.8 crore for the same period last year. Some of the biggest sugar producers in India include Parry Sugar Mills, Mawana Sugars and Triveni Engineering. With technology’s aide the overall sugar production will further increase, and cut down farmers’ losses. With millions of people engaged in agriculture, India surely needs more such ventures that can produce affordable tech to disrupt the primitive practices being followed.

Feature Image Credit: Juan Carlo

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