Instichoose is a Startup Making School Discovery & Selection Easier for Parents

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Screenshot of Instichoose Hompage

Technology is poised to bring about a disruptive innovation in the education sector. eLearning portals are making anywhere learning easy for students & smart teaching tools are making classrooms more interactive. But learning truly begins at home, followed by early stage schools. This puts a lot of pressure on parents about which school should they choose for their little ones so that they have a promising future.

Gurgaon based Instichoose was formed with the same objective of making such decision making easy for parents.

What is Instichoose?

Gurgaon based Instichoose is a K-12 school discovery and admissions fulfilment platform which aims to streamline admissions end to end. It envisions to be a one stop shop for all the information pertaining to the education needs.


Shown Above: Instichoose Founders

The startup is a brainchild of three IIT Kanpur graduates Ravish Agrawal, Raunak Shamnani and Rishabh Vaish. It acts as a marketplace where parents can discover and interact with schools.

It offers a set of services to streamline the whole admissions process for the parents and the schools. Parents can search schools around their locality, filter them with their requirements be it facilities, type of board, sub locality etc. , and further compare these schools through the compare option. They could also send inquires to the school and get their doubts answered.

For institutes, they have built an admission management system, to automate their admission process management.

Business Model

Heat Map by Instichoose

Heat Map by Instichoose

Instichoose will charge parents with a one time registration fees to get an access to apply to multiple schools. Advertisement from schools will be an another channel for generating revenue in near future. They are also planning to provide technology and engagement services to the schools.

“With the increasing fees parents have become more diligent in choosing the school for their kids. With a growing number of schools, they tend to get confused about the best schools around their locality.” says the team The company offers tools like listings and heat maps to enable them to make the right choice

Future Plans

Instichoose claims that it has over 1000 verified school ratings on the platform with over 5000 page views monthly. The bootstrapped startup is currently operational in Kanpur, Lucknow and Gurgaon, and is looking to raise investment to scale it up.

India has more than 339,000 private K-12 schools, growing in the last five years at a CAGR of 4%. Around 130,000 additional private schools will be required by 2022 given the current trends. Each year around 20 million students get enrolled in school. K-12 has been one of the sectors which has largely stayed immune to power of digitization and internet up till now. A school discovery tool like this might come in handy for parents, and the digitization of the admission process will make things smoother for both parents and teachers.

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