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Digital Gorkha: Visitor Management Tool for Corporates and Residential Societies

Simple negligence might lead to major crimes. Security is a matter of concern for all of us. Be it a office or society a visitor booklet is used to take in daily visitor entries. Personal security being a concern, this process seems to be outdated and unsafe. It can be easily tampered with or misled by filling in with wrong details and mobile number. There is a lack of organisation in the way things are happening and to put some mechanism in place to enhance it, there are companies providing SaaS based visitor management applications. With the help of this technology, you can’t just verify the visitor details but the one will be easily able to track back the visitor. One such company is India based Digital Gorkha.


What is Digital Gorkha?

Co-founded by Hitesh Malviya and Suraj Sunder in 2015, Digital Gorkha is a mobile based entrance security application for residential and corporate facilities. The startup solves the entrance security problem in residential and corporate facilities. It replaces the manual log book with a mobile interface which streamline the process of visitor registration, authentication and authorization.

Recalling the conception of the platform, Hitesh maintained, “Most of premises uses manual log book for visitor logging, which does not provide verified details of visitors and leave a loophole for intruder to get access to premises by providing fake details. No one even bother to verify manual log book entries, which results in serious crime. 85% of residential crimes are happening because of manual log book entry.”

The company has physical presence in Mumbai, Indore, Pune, Nagpur, Noida, Bangalore, Mexico City and Nairobi.

Product Details

Digital Gorkha currently offer two products:

  1. DG Homes: Entrance security mobile application for residential facilities and staff background verification services

Key features:

  • Visitor mobile number validation, photo capture and face detection
  • Expected visitor check in
  • Visitor watchlist
  • Mobile application for resident to view visitor logs
  • Quick checkin for staff, vehicle and frequent visitors
  • Real time visitor notifications – SMS, PUSH and EMAIL
  1. SignwithDG: Guest management and engagement mobile application for corporate offices, hotels, hospitals, warehouses and educational institutes

Key features:

  • Visitor check in through ID card Scanning
  • Digital Signage
  • Visitor pass on phone
  • Real time visitor notifications – SMS, PUSH and EMAIL
  • Custom app settings – White label options available

The company provides the application installed in Lenovo or Samsung tab with a stand, training materials and video tutorials.

Digital Gorkha Co-founders: Suraj (L) and Hitesh (R)

Digital Gorkha Co-founders: Suraj (L) and Hitesh (R)

Business Model, Traction and Funding Details

The startup monetizes by giving annual subscription to the customers. The product cost for DG homes is Rs 900/flat/year, whereas, the product cost for SignwithDG ranges from Rs 60,000 to Rs 3,00,000 per year depending upon the number of users customer is listing

The company claims to be have generated a revenue of 45 Lacs in FY(15-16).

Talking about the market reception, the company claims to have 125+ customers and 25000 visitor check in on the platform, in a year of operation.

The Pune based company had raised 50 lakh in debt financing from pune based angel investors in May last year. 

Future Plans

The company’s major focus area for future is mobile biometrics and it plans on launching patented face detection and fingerprint scanning technologies which will make offering more secure and viable to outrun its competitors. The startup target to acquire 700 new customers by the end 2016 and expects to generate 3.5 Cr sales revenue by the end of this FY.

Currently the startup doesn’t have any potential competitor in India, but comparing on the global level, Envoy seems to be the biggest player amongst Swiped On, Sine and few others.

Access control industry is a crowded space and the one has to be ahead in technology to outrun the other players in the market.

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