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7 Qualities You’ll Never See in Millionaire Entrepreneurs

elonmuskThis column is by Larry Kim, Founder/CTO of WordStream.

Looking to make it to millionaire status? Simply do as the rich do. You’ll never find these seven qualities in millionaires-and we’re sharing why.

1. They Aren’t TV Junkies

Millionaires don’t spend their time indulging in Netflix binge-watching. Instead, they substitute tube time for books. From Elon Musk to Warren Buffet, many famous entrepreneurs are known to spend many hours a day reading. While the content can vary, most devote time to non-fiction, focusing on self-education and self-improvement. Sure, they’ll be clueless about the latest Game of Thrones twist, but they’d likely argue that the knowledge they earn is well worth it (plus it saves you the heartbreak).

2. They Don’t Isolate Themselves

Millionaires are social butterflies, always meeting and chatting with new people. They put tremendous effort into expanding their network because they understand that relationships are often keys to success.

3. They Don’t Second Guess Themselves.

Successful entrepreneurs tend to go with their gut instincts and don’t over think choices. That isn’t to say they don’t consider consequences-they absolutely do. However, they don’t over-analyze to the point of paralysis. After carefully considering their options, they choose a path, take action, and don’t look back.

4. They Never Surrender Without a Fight

Millionaires don’t raise a white flag at the first sign of trouble. They persevere amidst setbacks and failures. Many entrepreneurs face criticism and doubt from peers, friends, and family, but refuse to give up. Researchers have found that “grit” is actually more predicative of success than IQ. The real winners don’t back down.

5. They Don’t Skip the Gym

Rich entrepreneurs understand that regular morning exercise can have a tremendous affect on your daily focus, productivity, and happiness.

6. They Don’t Hit the Snooze Button

Many successful millionaires are early risers, always looking to get a jump start on the day ahead. They are rarely the ones snoozing and rushing out the door late to work.

7. They Are Never Bored

The most successful individuals never claim to be bored because they always see opportunities to learn and experiment around them. Rather than twiddling their thumbs, they are out meeting people, taking classes, reading books, and expanding their repertoire of skills and knowledge.

Want to start your mission to become a millionaire? Take a hint from those who are already rich and do as they do.

About the Author:

Larry Kim is the Founder of WordStream. You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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