5 Tactics to Help With Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of LinkedIn? The choice of words might differ from individual to individual, but the crux would certainly be- ‘a business-oriented social networking platform, essentially designed for developing professional relations, having industry discussions and job hunting.’ However, there’s way much more to LinkedIn’s offerings than just facilitating professional network building.

LinkedIn over the time, has evolved into one of the major social media marketing platforms. However, unlike Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, where businesses get a personal access to their target audience and therefore, can market themselves pretty easily with status updates, images and other casual posts, LinkedIn does not welcome blatant pushing of your business, spamming or hard selling. But needless to say, the quality of audience that this platform offers you to reach out to, is highly relevant and uncompromisable. So, to tap this potential, it is imperative to design a special marketing strategy by weighing each and every aspect and attribute of this platform.

Here are a few hacks, you might like to try out for building a strong base to market your venture on LinkedIn:

1. Make Your Company Page Matter

Take a look at Hootsuite's LinkedIn page

Take a look at Hootsuite’s LinkedIn page

It is highly important to have a page on LinkedIn by your company’s name. Furnish the page with detailed information about what the company does, whom does it cater to, and how does it do it. Elaborate on the products/services that you offer. You may also like to post talent requirements. The page should basically look like an extension your company’s website.

It is recommended to display attractive graphics and post compelling content on a regular interval to keep the viewers engaged. Post content which carry solutions to problems, and add value to professionals who invest their time in clicking on your posts and reading them.

LinkedIn also allows you to post videos and slides. You can use those 15 seconds videos to create a product look-book, demonstrate its use cases etc. Similarly, SlideShare can be used to showcase business documents, videos and presentations. LinkedIn’s algorithm tends to give more weightage to Slideshare links and Pulse posts in the feed.

Share interesting updates, meaningful to your industry. However, keep in mind to not spam, keep a consistent gap between your posts. Therefore, determine your frequency strategy, and plan your publishing schedule systematically.

Invite your connections, employees, friends, Influencers and clients to follow the page. If it’s appropriate, you might as well ask your key clients to recommend your product/services, which would help in enhancing your brand’s trust factor.

You can also target a specific set of people and compel them to follow your page by showcasing relevant content through paid targeted advertising.

2. Create a Group On Your Own

Selection_123Create a group with a name that aligns with your company’s vision and goal and at the same time matches your connections’ area of interest. This would help you position your company as a thought leader, thereby adding a credence to it.

Employ a person who has an eye for detail, and holds a good sense of judgement, so that he/she can eliminate trash from relevant contributory posts.

Connect with influencers and invite them to be a member of your group. It is advisable to have the basic business/social etiquette and send a ‘Thank you for connecting on LinkedIn’ message. The gesture adds a personal touch.

Evoke discussions on burning issues. Do not go for advertorials in the group. Rather encourage people to come and contribute their articles, preferably the ones which are educative sans being promotional in nature.

In short, stay active and keep it interactive.

3. Connect and Share

Identify and keep adding people who belong to the industry you are a part of. As a startup, you might want to look out for potential clients, hires, investors and partners. Ensure that you are clear of your immediate objective when you are building your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Additionally, join a few communities where your target audience are a part of. Try answering a few of their questions & engage in discussions. If you have a company blog, that will come in handy here. Create content relevant to your target group and distribute in different communities to drive traffic to your site.

If you are connected with a LinkedIn Influencer whom you share a good rapport with, you can ask them to share your company’s blogposts in their network as well.

Make sure that you involve your team to keep this practice up and running.

4. Publish Directly on LinkedIn

‘Publish a Post’ is one of the most powerful tools of content marketing today. Once a post begins to gain some momentum, LinkedIn puts a spotlight behind it in one of their categories, and it reaches tens of thousands of readers within a short span of time. This is a great way to improve your visibility while reaching readers in a way that would not have been possible on your own website/blog or even posting an article link on LinkedIn.

More importantly, you can always add a caption towards the end of your article, reading something like-

“This article was originally published on To read more of similar pieces, visit the website.

5. Keep an Eye on the Analytics

LinkedIn’s Analytics tab provides companies with metrics and trends about their Company Page. The data is systematically divided into three: Updates Section, Followers Section and Visitors Section.

The analytics show you a quantifiable outcome from which you can –

  • Judge how engaging your individual posts are
  • Identify trends across key metrics
  • Understand more about your follower demographics and sources
  • Understand more about your page traffic and activity

You can leverage these stats and device a more effective distribution strategy for your content.

If you have more interesting points and suggestions, please feel free to write in your comments below.

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    This article helped me convince my manager to finally start taking linkedin as a tool for promoting my start-up. Thanks for this cause a lot of still people oversee this medium and prefer the usual culprits for promotion and visibility.

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    Excellent overview – great tips. More and more people are seeing the value of the Publish a Post feature, which has been available since February 2014. Unfortunately, some people use it in the wrong way, spamming with job postings or promoting products – LinkedIn should setup some guidelines.

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      • 5

        Yes, the article is great, please write some more! I not only shared on LInkedIn (thanks for your comment and connecting with me), but tweeted it out through Buffer, which I use to schedule tweets. I’ll tweet from here and connect on Twitter too.

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