Contentmart: A Skill Marketplace of Content Producers for Businesses to Leverage

Blogging is one of the most valuable tools that businesses use for user engagement. In this digital age where people check your expertise before buying your product or using your service, one needs to have content that drives users.

Companies are starting up with their content marketing practice through launching a company blog. A blog creates a place for firms to talk about new products or services, comment on timely news topics or market trends, and engage users. It’s also the place to let your brand’s personality shine and show people what you’re all about (or not about). Blog fuels SEO. Search engines love original content and reward the website for it. It’s a two-way conversation with customers and industry peers. It encourages interaction, comments and feedback.

At the same time, content creation is not easy, be it for a blog or for static pages or for marketing communications. Businesses face challenges in both writing and finding time to write. Outsourcing is one of the scalable solutions companies deploy. But where do you get quality content from? At your own price and with your own choice of writers. To empower the blogging culture for businesses and provide them with hassle free services, Contentmart came into being.

About & Services

Founded by Anton Rublevskyy and Vikas Trivedi in 2015, Contentmart is a marketplace where businesses can outsource  their content requirements to freelance writers. It’s not just limited to blog or content writing, but one can also hire writers for writing about their sales page, service page or anything related to content.

From L-R: Anton Rublevskyy and Vikas Trivedi

Shown Above (From L-R) Contentmart Founders: Anton Rublevskyy and Vikas Trivedi

Anton at the age of 17, founded, Ukraine’s website providing information about mobile phones and accessories with over 20,000 visitors daily in 2007. He also advised, a video on demand service in Russian speaking countries with over 32mn visitors valued at $100 million. While Vikas is a marketing professional with 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing and has Served brands like Havas WorldWide and HolidayIQ with his services.

The model works two ways, one, as stated, clients on contentmart can hire freelance writers, two, writers can register themselves and earn some money. What makes these writers so reliable? To check how authentic is the screening process, we registered on the platform as a writer and just after the registration the platform asked us to give a test based on what subject we were planning to write and language of convenience. Three grammatical tests were given, which included beginner, Intermediate and advanced level. The screening process for writers on the platform is effective, not everyone can go through those tests.

Once registered, these writers find projects in the form of products for bidding, where they bid on the price stated by the client. The client in-turn keeps an eye on the profile, past experience, expertise and the price one quotes. It’s a win-win scenario, where writers find work without commitment and companies find quality content at reasonable prices. These clients directly contact writers through the message section on the website. When asked how do they follow the deals? Vikas stated that we had this problem in the beginning but eventually we came up with a solution of putting up a team at backend, where they identify if any contact information is being exchanged at the portal.

On the same, Vikas stated that they have language and beat specific exams, let’s just say they’re planning to write on real estate, they’ll have to go through a rigorous english grammar tests and then a real estate basic knowledge test. He further added that they’re currently using an API to check plagiarism.

Monetisation & Traction

“We don’t charge anything from content buyers, for them this platform is free to use. They can connect with 25,000 quality writers for free. We charge 10 percent commission from the writers when they’ve completed their assignment,” Vikas said. Also people with huge orders like 100 pieces or so, the company provides them free account management services.

The company claims to have over 25,000 writers registered on the platform with almost 5,900 orders completed. Their clientele list outmatch the figure of 27,000.


The company is currently being bootstrapped. Vikas stated that they’re planning to raise $1 million and are currently in touch with investors. These funds will be deployed for technology expansion and product development, Vikas stated.

Blogging is becoming essential for companies, especially for early stage technology centric startups. When it comes to marketing, explaining the product and its use to users, blogging is the most effective way possible. Content companies are swarming up on the startup space, and as most of them are SMBs or SMEs the challenges are funds, time and quality. One who can fulfil the market needs without altering any requirements will be the one investors pay heed to.

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