Buzz4Health: A Social Media Platform for Medical Practitioners to Communicate, Collaborate & Learn

Founded by Hitesh Ganjoo and Tushar Gupta, and launched in March 2015, New Delhi-based Buzz4Health is a customized professional platform for doctors and medical students, which lets them collaborate through real medical cases and other continuous medical education content. The platform has been incepted with the idea that a doctor’s education never ends with a degree; a medical practitioner needs to stay updated with the latest information on new drugs, research, approaches and emerging evidence based treatment protocols.

Buzz4Health gives access to real-world medicine and helps physicians to share and gain knowledge from multiple specialists with relevant work experience. The customised professional platform helps verified doctors post their medical cases in a click and seek opinion of 100,000+ registered doctors on the platform. To attract more users to its network and make the platform more interesting, Buzz4Health has also adopted a social currency, where doctors can earn credit points if their answers are backed by votes.

Team Health4Buzz

Team Buzz4health


During their stint at Stryker, a Fortune 500 Medical technologies company, the founders witnessed major gaps in the healthcare ecosystem from training and education perspective.

They realised that not all medical professionals have access to the right tools at the right time. They witnessed the lack of infrastructural facilities, high operational costs and negligible use of technology in the healthcare domain in India. The problem was particulary acute in tier-2 and tier-3 cities where the doctor:patient ratio is abysmally low, and the doctors there have less of an access to quality medical training. Keeping the scenario in mind, the duo decided to bridge the gap in the country’s medical information realm with the help of technology.

Features of Buzz4Health


  • Home Feed: The curated home feed is where the doctors find relevant medical cases related to their specialization. Not just it, the home feed gives the user direct access to the solved medical cases(Cases marked solved by the author) as well as trending medical cases(image and video based content).
  • Solved Medical Cases: The app lets the user discover solved medical cases in the form of “Best Answer Marked by Author” on case discussion. The same gets reflected on the medical case discussion screen.
  • Share Medical Cases: Buzz4health app lets the doctors and medical experts share medical cases and get expert opinions from peers across the world. This feature lets doctors from remote town/cities to reach out to the medical community in tier1 cities and get timely help on critical medical cases.
  • Profile: The user can update its profile by listing the achievements, areas of interest, educational background and association with medical institutes/societies. The profile highlights whether the doctor/medical expert is a credible user on Buzz4health and help build the online reputation for doctors and medical experts.

Problem Statement Addressed by the Startup

The primary problem that Buzz4Health attempts to address is the unmet need of continuous and credible access to relevant continuous medical education. Every doctor needs to stay updated through various ‘continuous medical education’ programs. Most of these programs are held in physical conferences and workshops, thus limiting the potential reach and scale. Buzz4health envisions a world where the physical world limitations of time and space due not hamper a doctor’s continuous medical education.

Business Model and Progress Till Date

Elaborating on the monetization model of the business, Hitesh maintaines, “We plan to launch more premium content in future while partnering with different knowledge partners who are experts/teachers in their particular medical specialization. Essentially, its give them a platform to scale their reach and content. We also plan to capture and provide market intelligence data like polls, surveys etc. to the medical industry where doctors’ feedback is extremely essential”.

The company has raised $300,000 till date. The platform has over 10,0000 registered doctors and 4000+ medical cases across 10+ countries.

Its Android app is rated 4.4 with 10,0000 – 500,000 installs. You can download its iOS app here.

Scope and Opportunity

Explaing the scope and opportunity in this segment, Tushar stated, “Our vision is to be the most trusted platform for Continuous Medical Education for Doctors in the world. Ours is a global business emanating from India, with a strong presence so far in emerging markets. Going forward we want to scale the same model in Africa and Europe before becoming a truly global brand in the next 3-5 years”.

iamwire’s Take

India’s healthcare sector is growing at a brisk pace, ripe to be disrupted with technological innovations. It is one of the largest sectors in terms of revenue and employment. Broadly, it comprises hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance and medical equipment. Referring to a report by KPMG, India’s healthcare sector is expected to be $280 billion in size by 2020. It will be interesting to see how new enterprises tap this mega pool of opportunities.


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