5 Must Have Tools for Content Marketers

This is a guest column by tech blogger & aspiring entrepreneur Jill Philips

Content marketing comprises a substantial portion of any successful marketing strategy. The practice boosts company growth and supplies potential competitive advantages, but presents challenges that can discourage businesses from pursuing it. Aside from being time-consuming, content marketing has no guarantee of success, even when properly executed.

Marketing professionals who want to execute a content strategy often need help with content creation and planning. Content marketing strategies also need a way to measure results. The following five tools for content marketing can help your business get the job done effectively.

1. BuzzSumo


New ideas for content don’t always flow smoothly. Even writers who easily come up with topics might not know if they will attract attention online. BuzzSumo stimulates creativity with tools that can help you identify current issues that engage relevant influencers and outlets. The site also reveals which influencers have achieved success with such topics. Writers can use the tool to create titles for their content and guide content creation and dissemination.

BuzzSumo gives you a chance to compare content shares on various social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. You can also filter search results by content type. For example, you might want to create an infographic for content that has gained traction in the infographics category. Other filters let you choose content types such as articles and videos.

2. Curata

Curata Dashboard Snapshot

Curata Dashboard Snapshot

You can enjoy a predictable content supply chain when you use Curata. The site provides software for content creation and a marketing platform. If you struggle to produce quality content, the tools supplied by Curata will help you come up with new ideas and quickly create content.

Data from thousands of online sources powers Curata, giving you a simple and reliable stream of content that will engage and inspire audiences. Curata subscribers can orchestrate intense marketing campaigns without the requirement of constant content creation. The service integrates with CMS and social curation, enabling you to update multiple marketing channels with a single click. Curata also works well with email and marketing automation tools.

The Curata self-learning engine dynamically adapts to your preferences and discovers targeted content ideas. The context you provide helps the Curata engine refine its results. Insights derived from Curata’s data can help you align your content strategy to fit a particular audience. Also, the site enables input from many users, making company-wide crowdsourcing a reality. After curating your content using the website, you can promote and publish your content using the site’s tools.

3. Buffer


You can save a lot of time managing social media channels with Buffer. This is a platform for publishing and analyzing content that also lets you schedule when it appears online on various channels. Such automation facilitates planning and accelerates content marketing efforts by saving time logging into individual sites. Browser-based and mobile apps let you add content to your Buffer queue in real time, making the collection and collating of data for future use possible.

Buffer has tools for content generation and image manipulation, so you will rarely have a need for other tools. The site also has analysis tools that can identify optimal times for reaching social media audiences. Engagement analytics can help you improve your efficiency by focusing on the types of content and topics that result in the most engagement.

4. Contently

Content's motto written on their office wall

Content’s motto written on their office wall

As an online hub for content marketing management, Contently has a lot to offer. The site has tools to manage the entire content stream beginning with idea generation and ending with the management of legal concerns and the invoicing of creative talent.

With the rising number of businesses employing remote workers, managing all the employees in a global content marketing operation can be a challenge. With Contently’s built-in collaboration tools remote teams can collaborate with a breeze. Users can form creative teams with freelance workers and traditional employees and coordinate their efforts as part of a unified strategy.

Contently stores data in the Cloud, so remote marketing teams can work from anywhere. Tools such as inline commenting and version control eliminate the problems involved with circulating multiple versions of files via email. Users can also tag content to facilitate searches and long-term storage.

You can use the analytics data supplied by the Contently service to monitor the success of your efforts and tweak the content to improve your results. The site also has tools for tracking the progress of stories and for managing and approving titles.

5. Outbrain


Marketers often feel challenged while trying to get their content discovered by their intended audience. Outbrain can help you get your content in front of a bigger and more relevant audience. This easy-to-use platform was recognized as the top online content discovery platform.

It provides a premium service that connects content with highly qualified audiences and increases the ROI for each piece by placing it as promoted content on local and national websites. The ability to put content in places where audience members frequent makes Outbrain an essential tool for well-funded marketing strategies.

Final Word

Content marketing requires the delivery of valuable content to audiences who can benefit from it. Ultimately, content marketing strategies lead their audience to a particular brand and desired outcome. You can use the five tools listed above to make wise decisions and increase your coverage while minimizing the time and labor requirements for your content strategies.

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