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4 Pointers on Building Future Tech by Satya Nadella for Indian Entrepreneurs

Satya NadellaMicrosoft’s Chief Satya Nadella is back to his homeland briefly on a trip. In an event organised by Microsoft on Monday, the executive addressed a room full of young entrepreneurs and students aspiring to change the world. Nadella started speaking about the goal to build future tech by stating the importance of dreaming. Here are 4 notable takeaways for Indian startups from his speech earlier today

1. Having an Ability to Dream

After having quoted Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib’s couplet “Hazaaron khwahishen aisi ke har khwahish pe dam nikle…” (meaning: Thousands of desires, each worth dying for…) Microsoft’s CEO spoke that the desire to build tech that can transform lives comes first from the ability to dream. “It’s not just about your dreams being fulfilled, it’s about the ability to have dreams worth dying for. The power of what we can do with digital technology. ” he said.

2. Building Smarter Machines that Understand Human Languages

With machine learning and chat bots catching up in the Indian startup ecosystem, Microsoft’s CEO acknowledges the importance of building AI that can also understand human dialog. Nadella said “Instead of us having cognitive load for so many tasks, we should build bots with an understanding of human language.” Such systems can help increase human productivity by assistance and automation of tasks.

3. Democratizing Technology

Disruptive innovation can happen only when masses adopt that particular technology. Satya Nadella spoke about building future technology in India that would be both accessible and affordable for everyone. He emphasized that building technology with a self learning engine should become as common as building a website. Adoption of such an intuitive tech will enable ease of use for a large amount of population.

4. An Augmented Future

Virtual reality and augmented reality are two areas in which both big tech companies and new innovative startups are placing their bets on. After showing a futuristic Hololens’ promo video, Satya Nadella stated that “Combination of mixed reality will fundamentally change the computing process”. Besides chatbots, he believes that such technology will redefine the ease by which we communicate, create, and do more with our lives.

Below is a video presented at the event, showing the possibilities augmented reality technology can create.

Chatbots, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality were the highlights of the talk. Which technology do you think would be the biggest among these three?

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    Can Microsoft start (may be set up a Delivery center.. this would be a leader’s step to foresee business while others cant) with Northeast cities like Agartala where there is a urgent need for technological revolution please ? That would be a real contribution towards Govt’s Digital India initiative.

    How India’s GDP can grow when Northeast cities like Agartala continues to remain economically backward ? Left ruled Agartala has become 3rd Internet gateway and with a lameduck leadership unwilling and having poor understanding of Industry and technology, Tripura and its Youth’s future have been continuously ruined leaving a record 25.2% (highest in India) unemployment.

    It has been a long wait for Tripura and its youths who have been suffering everyday from chronic unemployment and concerned folks are just happy to mint Govt salary month after month with an excuse of unemployment is throughout country or no infrastructure. At whose cost please ?

    With a record (highest in India) 25.2% of unemployment Left ruled Tripura continues to bite dust of under-development and non-performance due to state’s outdated policies of being anti development and industry without realizing world and India’s economy driven by Business and technology.

    So far it has been about Govt job, salary, subsidy – on tax payers money and mediocre plastic industry for name sake being the focus – which still fails to show hope to lakhs of educated unemployed youths!

    Urgent need is to bring high end industry and jobs at Agartala having follow up with Industry leaders and setting up required infrastructure on a war footing.

    With high speed internet and 24/7 power, Can capital Agartala look forward in 2016 to being an IT hub with high end IT jobs for 7 lakh educated unemployed youths of Trpiura ?

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