Shouut With This Local Discovery App Powered With VR Technology

What does a human crave for? To socialise? Even before the emergence of internet, people wanted to discover new places, meet new people, etc. Now, when we are on a stage where the seed of technology is blooming, every need has a solution and most of all a seller. The ground layout of a social discovery app is to discover people and events around you. This has to happen real time and should be established on user interests. Social networking is how your social life looks today and social discovery is more of how one’s life will look tomorrow. It is an attempt to inform people about things they don’t know but should know based on their taste, interest etc. It’s an old concept, but people forget that no concept is old if sold with a new technology. To give this broth of social discovery a hint of revival, Shouut came into being.

About & Services


Praveer Kochar

Founded by Praveer Kochhar, Co founded by Pulkit Srivastava, & Rajiv Prakash, Shouut is a discovery platform for better known, the lesser known and the unknown places and experiences. Shouut delivers locationally-­relevant recommendations, aggregated from brands, expert  bloggers and experience  providers, thus enabling users to discover places, experiences and offers nearby. The company’s brief and meta-­tagged content helps one in making rapid choices. All of Shouut’s content is geo-­tagged, enabling access recommendations nearby or a location based on one’s choice.

The app eliminates the need to use multiple apps for various needs. Moreover, it helps one discover new places through the location filter. Praveer said, “We think gone are the days when you need to see 10-20 pictures to know how the place looks. When it comes to local discovery we’re integrating Virtual Reality (VR) 360 pictures of places. We’ve integrated this option on our android app.” He further added, “We’ve already covered 200 places in Delhi NCR on VR and plan to increase this number to 5,000 across India. It’s in beta phase right now, we’ll release it when we have a basic critical mass of VR content.” This will not only help people discover new places but also give an experience without being physically present.

As this is a content centric app, the company provides funds to bloggers to change ideas into action. On this platform a blogger has to post an idea- let’s just say he wants to travel from East India to West India through train to discover archaeological places and needs Rs 50,000. Now this sum will be provided by the brands associated with Shouut and in turn the brand gets access to exclusive content from that blogger. “We get content, the brands get an influencer (content) and the blogger gets the resources to travel. It’s a win-win-win for all three.”

This Delhi-based startup enables publishing of offers and deals to the catchment area of the store. Not only does it provides intelligent analytics and features to enable exclusive rewards for loyalty, but also through its remote login panel, it facilitates publishing and targeted campaign management.

CollMonetisation & Traction

The company monetises through proximity marketing, local businesses pay the company for every conversion that they drive through a flash sale or a listing fee for publishing their business on the platform.

The company claims to have 500-600 unique visits a day. On similar lines Praveer said, “We’ve close to around 8k-9k downloads. The iOS version is still in progress and will be released by first week of may and that’s when we launch our marketing campaign.”

Funding & Market

Shouut has already raised $500,000 in seed round around three months back from an independent investor (Siddarth Gupta). “The whole idea to raise funds was to drive POC for the model that we’ve created. SInce the whole revenue model has to be proofed, we’re using our initial funds to show that this mix of proximity model and content works.” The company is looking to raise $4 million in Series A.

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