Shortfundly: Bridging the Gap Between Filmmakers, Audience & Film Festival Companies

Every filmmaker faces hardships, be it an amateur or a seasoned professional. What seems easy on the other side of the screen requires hard work and unidirectional dedication. In this very age where technology is deep rooted within the society, creative people are emerging irrespective of place or their qualifications. A filmmaker needs to be creative, he can be a 70 year old veteran or a 14 year old school going cartoon enthusiast. Digital revolution has changed the answer to the question- ‘Who can be a filmmaker?’ or ‘What qualifies one for being one?’. Funding is one of the biggest problems these filmmakers face (apart from marketing). It’s easier for filmmakers to have access to tools but tough to find an audience to watch betwixt extremely competitive market. To solve these major concerns for filmmakers Shortfundly came into being.

Founded by Selvam. M and P. Maharajan in October 2014, Shortfundly is an online technology and data driven media company that curates and shares the best short films and stories from India through the global multi-platform network. “We’re trying to connect Short filmmakers and movie festivals. More and more short filmmakers are emerging and looking for opportunities to showcase their work, while these film festival organisers are looking for more and quality content. We’re just bridging the gap.”

From L-R:

From L-R: Murali (server engineer), Kumaram (UI engineer), Maharajan, Venkat (Testing engineer) & Selvam

Problems Solved By This Startup

  • Linkedin For Filmmakers: The company wants to create a platform where the people from the industry will not be only able to just upload their own short film but also connect with upcoming short filmmakers by looking at their work so far.
  • Dedicated Video Discovery Platform: One of the most important concern for a filmmaker is discovery, basically getting relevant audience. Just like a media company, Shortfundly is trying to develop a single stop destination for shortfilm lovers.
  • Funding: Everything venture today requires funds. To make a shortfilm professionally, good actors, equipments, setup etc are needed. To empower creative filmmakers, Selvam stated that they’ll soon be launching a crowdfunding  option on their platform which will not only give them a kickstart but also motivate them to produce better content.
Profile of a short filmmaker at Shortfundly

Profile of a short filmmaker at Shortfundly

To get the desired limelight, a filmmaker is required to prove his content. For that they need to enter different shortfilm festivals. This platform connects filmmakers to these event organisers where like a job portal filmmakers apply for a certain event and the entry then can be approved/rejected by these organisers which will send in a notification to the producer. “Everything is done online and it is making things easy for these filmmakers as they won’t have to waste time filling every form.”

Monetisation & Traction

Shortfundly is currently monetising through advertising. Moreover, the company is planning to enter the crowdfunding arena in the short film arena.

The company claims to have over 22,000 short films in different Indian languages. They’re currently focussing on the South Central Asia market, after acquiring the desired traction the company plans to expand globally.

Funding & Market

Selvam added that the company is currently being bootstrapped, but is looking to raise $3 million in series A. “The product is going to be strong, we’re focussing on growth and we’re a technology company, soon we’ll be launching our app, to scale properly and according to the market. We need these funds.”

According to a study, the new human attention span (8 seconds) is worse than a goldfish (9 seconds). So to acquire a customer using plain textual content is now considered as absurd. Multimedia, basically videos are only able to grab a user for long, no other method has proved to be this potent. Even the education sector is moving towards the advancement of anything that pleases a mind with useful information. With the emergence of video educational platforms like Unacademy in India, the sector is being disrupted. It might not be visible now, but tech pundits have already given their judgement and it doesn’t pleases the traditional education sector. For instance one does not search for a book if they want to speak a different language, or cook a recipe, they prefer watching a video or downloading an audiobook. The era of plain text is gone and the sector has to bury the traditional ideas of growth.

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