Jet Set Clean: Promises Door-step Delivery of Laundry within 24 Hours of Pick Up

Laundry is a chore no one likes to do with enthusiasm, especially not people who already lead busy lifestyles. 3 out of every 5 working professionals consider laundry to be the most procrastinated task part of their daily routine. The existing alternatives of a maid doing the job or a home washing machine are also cumbersome and following up with the local dhobi is an irritation. There also exist premium laundries which are exorbitant and do not offer doorstep pickup or delivery.

To eliminate the aforementioned hassles related to apparel care, Jet Set Clean came into being.

Team Jet Set Clean

Team Jet Set Clean

Founded by Vamsi Krishna Kaki, Akshay Halve and Sahithi Madhuri in May 2015, Jet Set Clean is a laundry service provider which promises to pick your dirty laundry from your home, wash and press it, and drop it back at your doorstep within 24 hours. The services can be availed via Web, Mobile App as well as Helpline.

Jet Set Clean’s Offerings

The company provides premium laundry services with a flat 24 hour delivery, starting at Rs60/kg. It also offers light speed services with 12 hour and 6 hour delivery charging at Rs90/kg & Rs120/kg.

Further, it provides dry-cleaning & leather cleaning services delivered within 48 hours, starting at Rs 80/item.

Technology Employed by the Company

The startup has created a customized CRM technology platform that connects its franchise laundry partner with its customer support team and logistics team. This tool helps the company streamline its operations to achieve its promised timelines, and also helps in inventory management and payment tracking.

With this automation tool, the startup claims to have reduced the number of calls or paper wastage that was required to ensure its operations.

What is its USP? How is it Different from Other Laundry Service Providers like Wassup, LaundryWala and the Like?

Elaborating on the company’s distinguishing features, Vamsi said, “We provide super-fast laundry and dry-cleaning services delivered to the doorstep within 24 hours of pickup. As against the Full stack model or the aggregator model which most startups in this space are emulating, we are working in a joint venture format, where our co-branded exclusive franchise laundry partner fulfills our demand processing. This format helps us create consistent and reliable service levels since we handpick the laundry partners with whom we work. Our in house independent quality executives ensure proper standards are maintained at all points of processing. Our inventory management and CRM tool helps our partners track all service requests and process all orders within the stipulated timelines and as per our brand guidelines. We have been able to maintain less than 10% churn rate and are seeing over 65% return usage behaviour by focusing on a quality approach in servicing, all this while staying asset light”.

screenshotsMonetization and Traction Details

The bootstrapped company which is operational across Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida & Ghaziabad currently, has an average of 35% revenue share per order serviced through its partners. It also charges a subscription cost for the technology services provided to its partners.

It claims to have serviced over 6000 orders in the last 8 months in operation, growing at an average of 30% month on month.

The Android App is rated 4.4 on Play Store.

Market Opportunity and Scope

The laundry and dry-cleaning services market is a very un-organized segment valued at over Rs 6000 crore, according to a 2012 KPMG report. Vamsi opines that with the increased migration of people from various parts of the country to metro cities such as Gurgaon, Noida & Delhi, the demand for simple, affordable laundry solution to the doorstep is on a rise. The Average bachelor spends anywhere between Rs. 500-800 on laundry and dry cleaning per month, with nuclear families with both spouses working, tending to spend anywhere between Rs. 1000-1500 per month.



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