Fitard: A Startup that Lets You Earn Rewards For Burning Calories

Founded in October 2015 by Shubham Goyal, Pankaj Singh Bora and Prashant Chourasia, Fitard is a gamified health and fitness startup, which motivates its users to move towards a fit, active and healthier lifestyle by engaging them through competition, and rewarding them on achieving their fitness goals.

The startup has tied up with a number of companies who act as its reward-partners, and in return, get a social platform to market their products and services through socially positive marketing. Among others, FreshMenu,Truweight, Fiticket,, True Elements, HolaChef, Yumist, Zimmber etc., are few of its partners.


“Helping users achieve their goals is our obsession. Our brand partners have joined us because they share our vision and believe in creating a better world by motivating people for a healthy and active lifestyle.”- Team Fitard


Fitard’s Android app which is rated 4.6 on Google Play, is integrated with Google Fit to track daily steps of users via phone sensors. The company is currently working on its iOS app, which it said, would be launched soon.

How does it Work?

  1. Tracking – The App tracks user’s steps automatically. There is no need to start your session every time you go for a run or a walk.
    User’s earn points (Fitcoins) based on the number of steps.
  2. Redeem Rewards – Users can redeem these fitcoins for different types of Exclusive Rewards by 25+ Reward Partners across different verticals. Rewards can be freebies or heavy discounts on various products and services.
  3. Public Challenges – Users can participate in Public Challenges, and if they come up as winners, they get rewarded.
  4. Private Challenges – Via this option, users can throw fitness challenges to their friends/ colleagues/ family, and watch their progress while cheering and motivating each other.

UntitledMonetization Model

  1. The company charges its reward partners for marketing, brand building and customer acquisition.
  2. Data as a Service(DaaS) – Integrating with diet planning firms and help in designing better diet plans based on user’s activity.

Traction Details

The bootstrapped startup which has plans to raise external funds in the near future, claims to have 500+ Daily Active Users with 3000+ downloads and 25+ partners at present, across 4 cities namely- Mumbai, Bangalore Gurgaon and Pune.

What Makes it Different from Other Fitness Startups?

“Fitard works on a whole new concept of motivating users for fitness by rewarding them to continue their fitness routine”, maintains Bora.

He adds, “There are tons of apps for tracking your fitness, lot of startups working on aggregating gyms, classes etc. But the problem of motivation for the users to run or to continue their fitness routine still lies.

As per our research there are 2 major features which motivate a user:

  • Rewards
  • Competition

Our Competitors are not any other aggregators, we are a brand building and marketing platform for all  the products and services by providing them a socially positive way of marketing”.

Scope, Market Opportunities and Future Plans

There are more than 2.5 billion smartphone users worldwide with India having around 200 million. Fitard plans to target the critical masses with its “easy to use” mobile platform. The startup also has plans of entering the corporate wellness segment  to help corporates run successful wellness programmes.

Check out the following video to get a better understanding about the app-

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