Cube26: Creating a Flux in Mobile Technology For OEMs

Tech Gurus and scientists argue that we’ve just entered the post-PC aeon, where a minority (generally a majority in a third world country) of people are still dependent on traditional desktops and laptops. Checking emails on your smartphone might look like an old thing but who would’ve thought this 20 years ago? So to predict the direction of technology is a tough nut to crack, the only thing in our hands is to innovate and let that become the prospective of future. To solve the mystery, Cube26 has now become the alpha runner in the race.

Founder & CEO of Cube26 Saurav Kumar

Co-Founder & CEO of Cube26 Saurav Kumar

Founded by Saurav Kumar and Abhilekh Agarwal in 2012, the company aims at easing not only the mobile technology sector, but also the home-automation market. Saurav Kumar, the CEO and co-founder of Cube26, pursued his under graduation in Computer Science from Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi University. During his undergraduate study, he raised fund from The President of India to build an autonomous ground vehicle. He was also a visiting scholar at Carnegie Mellon University where he did research in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Robotics.

The startup deals in various creeks of technology. Here are a few services and products the startup is offering:

  • Customised Operating System (OS): The startup provides customised OS to mobile companies. Cube26 has developed varied applications across usability for OEMs, helping them provide a stark differentiation through sophisticated mobile software. On the same Saurav stated that they have customised OS and apps for various OEMs. These services include customised App Center, Game Center, Music Center, Video Center.

Further, the company is working on developing features like

  • Natural Gesture Recognition: Natural Gesture Recognition interprets human gestures via mathematical algorithms. Gestures can originate from any bodily motion or state but commonly originates from the face or hand. Now users will be able to interact with their devices using everyday gestures.
  • Gaze Tracking: Not only Gaze Tracking technology will have the capability for analysts to know if consumers are looking at their content and what part of the content is most observed but also users will be able to scan through digital pages on their device, hands free. Look Away to Pause: While watching a video, look away from the screen to pause the video. Redirect eye position back to the screen to continue where the video left of etc.

And will offer more services to OEMs like Age/Gender Recognition, Presence Detection, Face and Body Recognition and Gaming Interaction.

Monetisation & Traction

The company is monetising by providing user integrated value-added services and products to OEMs. Also, the company has started dealing in home automation products. These products and services ingrained deep within the OS of the phone. Cube26 claims to have worked with Quikr, Flipkart, Micromax etc.

Funding & Market

The company had previously raised $7.7 million in seed round led by Tiger Global Management, Flipkart also participated in the round. When asked if the company was looking to raise funds, Saurav stated that they are content with the current situation of the company, and the company is in no hurry to raise funds.

In a recent report by Counterpoint, an independent market research and consulting firm stated that India has surpassed the US to become the second biggest smartphone market in the world with an annual growth rate of 15%. Any industry would benefit from the features that smartphones now have can leverage an enterprise mobile solution.

Sporadically comes a revolutionary technology that changes the game in the market. We believe we’re at the bosom of such revolution and a company like Cube26 can be the next.

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