Conversity: Eyeing Sector Specific Chat SDK That Syncs With the Central ERP System

Customer Service is one of the most important things a company needs to deploy, not just to acquire users but also to maintain a good experience for the existing ones. No matter how big or small your business is, customer support needs to be at the heart of your model. It’ll take extra resources, time and money. Afterall the most potent way of marketing is word of mouth and that’s what it’ll do. Calls might do the job, but people today have become more technology centered and need everything in an instant. More inquiries will call for more people as one man can handle one call at a time plus they just have basic information and not in-depth knowledge about a specific subject.

From a eCommerce company to a healthtech centric organisation, everyone cannot afford to spend a fortune on support. This where the ‘chat option’ comes into play. Plus it becomes easy to consult in the backend and then answer a question, instead of putting a customer on hold for 10 minutes on call. With this feature one customer support guy will be able to handle multiple queries in no time. Not only this, customers can now have someone who can immediately walk them through the sales if they become confused or have a question that can make or break a sale. This helps eliminate bounces away from retail websites and ensure that full shopping carts make it through checkout. To help easily integrate these advantages Conversity came into being.


Shown Above: Sandeep Periwal

Founded by Sandeep Periwal and Amol Dongare, Conversity is an In-App, Live Support Chat platform for native apps. One can now concentrate on growth instead of more coding, debugging, adding features, testing etc. Most of all the app is free for startups. This is Sandeep’s third startup, currently he’s running a US facing boutique BPO company at Bangalore.

The startup consists of an SDK for Mobile apps, a browser based interface for Support Agents, an Admin Portal for management & a core engine hosted on Amazon AWS Cloud. On the same Sandeep said, “In simple terms, Conversity is like a private & personal WhatsApp sitting inside your mobile App, enabling your customers to chat with you.” The company also provides support services as Sandeep’s other venture is concord with it. This service can reduce company’s support prices by 1/6th.

Differentiation Factors & Future Plans

When asked about the same, Sandeep quoted, “Initially we wanted to be it to be a generic product which could be applied to any company working in any sector. But now, we’re trying to build a sector specific product, one that can sync with the central ERP. For instance 70% of the hospitality industry uses Opera Micro FIdelio as their core ERP, we want to create a product that speaks the same language.”

  • Entire approach of the app is very user specific, the company is providing customisation factors like background, opacity colors etc.
  • None of the applications have a screenshot option, the company gives user a direct button for capturing screenshots and that image then can be sent to the customer support.
  • The company plans to introduce two chat options: 1) Artificial Intelligence Chat 2) Personalised user chat. Through this the user will be able to choose between the two. For basic details like balance or not-so-specific queries, the chatbot option can be used.

img_1Monetisation & Traction

The company is providing free services to startups but has a subscription-based model for an enterprise with a price of $99 per concurrent agent per month with unlimited departments integration.

Conversity is currently active in two startups namely Gurgaon-based startup letscherish and Pune-based townscript. The company claims to have 1-2 signups every day. Sandeep stated that they have not initiated the marketing process as they’re yet to launch the services for iOS devices.


The company is currently bootstrapped and is looking to raise a seed round of $300,000-500,000. Sandeep stated that we’ve currently not initiated the dialogue with investors but will soon begin the process. The funds will be used for technological expansion, hiring more people and the rest for AI research.

Mobile integration in India is increasing by the day, we’ve surpassed China in terms of mobile sales. People are now switching from traditional desktops to tablets and smartphones. With increasing penetration it has become a necessity for companies to pivot themselves to user-friendly platforms. The market is huge, every company now wants to introduce customer chat like features in their mobile app, the question is what differentiates your services from others?

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