5 Catastrophic Inbound Marketing Mistakes That Can Risk Your Brand in 2016

Inbound Marketing can help you attract customers towards the brand and generate curiosity and keep them for a long time. If done well, it makes the customers curious about the additional information they can find on your blogs, thereby making them to even wait for your update.


As we all know, when it is the first time you are starting out, mistakes are bound to happen and that’s a good thing because mistakes are lessons in disguise. But, if there’s money and reputation involved then we need to keep those mistakes at minimum because some of them can be catastrophic in nature and make leads fall out of the sales funnel and never return.

Five common mistakes in Inbound marketing to avoid in 2016

1. Writing content about anything that you feel like

It is not bad to write about any topic that you feel is important, but there’s one question that should pop in your head before writing any blog: Is it anyhow related to your business and help the readers in understanding about your product, if not, then you must refrain from writing on topics that just do not make any sense for your company. The content on your website should be related to buyer’s persona and interests. For example: if you are a travel based company then writing anything related to automobile or marketing strategies won’t help your business. You can write about topics related to good food, restaurants, travel itineraries, bag packer’s stories and many more.

2. Deciding not to insert keywords anymore

While Google’s search algorithms have put a limit on the factors of keyword insertion, keywords still matter. Avoiding keywords in such a competitive environment and thinking that your content will still ranks on search queries, is a big mistake. You still need to do some keyword research for search queries that are entered by your prospects and either write content around it or insert it in an already piece of content. This helps your customers get a solution to their problems.

3. A blog takes too much time and effort and deciding not to write anymore

Blogging actually is the best part of inbound marketing strategy. In US, Social media sites and blogs reach out to 8 of 10 people and constitute to about 23% of their time spent online. Now you can imagine exactly why it is important to write blogs. Not only this, every time you decide on to updating a blog on your website, the search engine crawlers are informed that a fresh content has been uploaded on the web and it needs to index it. As per the Google’s algorithm, it serves the most fresh and relevant content to the search queries entered on its search bar.

4. Not having any call-to-actions on your blog post

Call-to-action does not necessarily mean that there should be some buttons that you need to insert along with your blog. You can provide some useful links to the products or services page in the middle or anywhere in the blog to re-direct the customers while they read through your content. Even if providing links to your products or services page does not help then you might provide links to other websites or useful information that might help the customer in making the decision, and it will also help your website in getting backlinks for search engine optimization.

5. Not having an appropriate Customer Persona

Inbound Marketing’s success depends a lot on the value proposition provided by a company to its end customer. But how do we cater to a group of audience without understanding their needs and challenges?

This is where a Buyer Persona (Customer Persona) comes in. A buyer persona helps gauge a target audience’s demographics, behaviour and preferences based on which we can create and curate content and services  accurately, thereby increasing conversions and eventually. . ROI.

Once you have a Buyer Persona, you can easily map your content strategy to create accurate content depending on the buyer stages. Having a Buyer Persona prior to creating an over Inbound Marketing strategy is crucial if you want to achieve success.

Having said that, it is imperative to understand that, inbound success can not be attained overnight. It requires patience and a constant effort over a period of time, till it starts bearing fruit.

Be done with the mistakes

We believe that we have cautioned you enough on what mistakes you should refrain from committing. If you think there’s any point that we have missed out on then please let us know with your valuable comments, and we’ll add them to the blog. Please spread the word as much as you can so that companies can save themselves money and effort that should not go in vain. Please channelize your inbound marketing strategy before implementing it.

Want to know more about Buyer Persona and Inbound Marketing Strategy? Drop a mail to, or click here to read more on what constitutes a sound inbound marketing strategy in 2016.

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