Worried About the Dropping Product Sales? Poor Product Packaging May Be The Problem!

This is a guest post by Shalu Jain, senior sales executive at DCGPAC

You may have heard that product packaging affects buying decisions. Well, it’s true. But do you know how the purchase decisions are affected? 33% of consumers around the world base their buying decisions on product packaging. They tend to connect emotionally with the brand and are encouraged to tell others about it. This is why first impressions are very important.

As a brand, you get just one chance to either make it or break it with your customers. The thing about first impressions is that a customer takes 7 seconds (approx) to make up his or her mind about a product based on packaging alone. You need to get it right the first time or else your product might not get as much attention as it deserves.

What does a customer expect from a product packaging? Why does a customer get attracted to a certain product due to its packaging? Let’s find out.

Quality Assurance

2Product packaging represents your brand. It conveys your quality standards and the extent to which you are willing to go to maintain product quality. Just recall your last shopping trip. Did a particular product seem promising enough in terms of quality. You did not open the package, yet you were assured about its quality. This is the power of effective product packaging.

Emotional Connection

3When your product’s packaging connects on an emotional level with the customers, then you will have greater prospects for sales and prolonged customer retention. Consider the example of Coca Cola. There are obviously several competitors in the soft drinks category and they use more or less the same primary packaging. But even then you are able to distinguish a Coca Cola product from other similar products at the store. When you think about Coca Cola, you get happy. Somehow the increased preference for Coca Cola in celebrations, weekend fun or enjoyment has emotionally connected with customers around the world. This is exactly what your product’s packaging should achieve.

Easier Identification

4Your product will most probably end up in retail stores as well as online stores. The only way you can beat the competition is by making sure that your product stands out from the crowd. Remember, there are several brands out there that use “industry-standard” packaging to simply play it safe and manage overall costs at the same time. But if you want to shine out, then you need to come up with a stunning packaging design. It should captivate the customer the moment he or she lays eyes on the product.

Consider the example of the product shown in the image above. The product is coconut water. The primary packaging is a flexible plastic pouch which is good enough to hold the fluid. But they have used the actual shell of a coconut to convey a better understanding of the product along with creating a stunning presentation. Wouldn’t you want to buy a product like this?

The “Right” Color

5Colors play a very important role in product packaging. By getting just the right combination of colors, you can make your product stand out. This helps in increasing the chances for the product to get picked up by customers. When deciding the color for the product packaging, you need to make sure that it appeals to the target market, sets the right tone and conveys the brand’s message. Remember, not all colors may be perceived in the same manner across different countries. There are cultural factors that come into play. Make sure that you understand the significance of colors for a particular target market before moving ahead with the packaging design.

Appealing Font

6Fonts have personalities. People tend to spend more time reading text that is presented in a font that is stylish, attractive and easy to read. Do not use fonts that are difficult to read as it will deter customers from checking the information that is provided on the packaging. This can significantly reduce the chances of the product being bought. When you decide the font for your product’s packaging, make sure that you work on achieving the perfect balance between size, color and style. Consult with packaging experts for understanding the best font for your product and brand.


7Consumers today prefer functional packaging for products. Not only does this make the product stand out, but it also enhances the functional aspect of the packaging. Take the example of the product shown in the image above. It uses cardboard to house the oranges. The interesting thing about the packaging is that the two ends come together to form a handle which makes it convenient to carry the product.

Plus, the oranges are packed in separate segments which can be reused to store and carry more oranges or other items that have similar shape and size. The package is attractive and adds a value added function as well. This is a major trend that has already started surfacing in the global packaging industry and it will be one of the most prominent trends in the near future.

The Green Factor

8The “Green Factor” has become an important part of packaging materials as well as every other thing that we know today. There is a dire need to protect the environment or we risk losing our habitat with almost nothing being left behind for our future generations. Green initiatives help to utilize materials in the best manner possible without using excessive resources and keeping costs as low as possible.

Eco-friendly packaging doesn’t have to be bland or boring. There are several brands that are coming up with really attractive packaging that is made up of recycled materials or biodegradable materials. Plus, the packaging itself is designed in such a manner that it can be reused for other purposes again. There are brands that focus on creating second life packaging where the packaging can be used for another purpose after its initial purpose has been fulfilled.

By bringing sustainability into the packaging design, it is possible to cut down on unnecessary costs and minimize the utilization of fresh raw materials. Consumers have also become wary of their actions on the environment and they have started supporting green initiatives. So, by coming up with an eco-friendly packaging design, you can gain the attention of customers in a better manner.


9Creativity is one of the easiest and most powerful ways of attracting customers to your product. Gone are the days when a box or simple packaging would suffice to reach out to the target audience. Today, people prefer a fresh take on packaging deigns. It can be the design of the package itself, or a humorous way of presenting the product (such as shown above).

Approximately 40% of overall customers would share photos of packaging on social media if it is different, interesting or worthy of their attention. This social sharing enhances the marketing potential of the product and the brand considerably. By coming up with a creative packaging design, not only will you be able to influence the customer’s decision but also make your product shareable on social media. Wouldn’t you like that?

Perfect Blend of Simplicity and Elegance

10Recently, there has been an increasing preference towards minimalistic packaging designs. This indicates that simplicity is a preferred factor that consumers expect from product packaging. It makes things hassle free and helps them to make their decisions faster. Simplicity is definitely the way to go but do add a premium touch wherever feasible. Remember, your focus should be on making the packaging convenient, safe and informational. Once you have achieved this, the rest of the things should fall into place properly.


11Customers prefer to have a glimpse of the product in order to make an informed purchase decision. This is where flexible and clear packaging materials come into play. Not only do they fulfill the requirements of an ideal packaging design, but they also help the customer to see and understand the product without opening the package. This particular aspect has been known to increase the chances of the product being bought by the customer. However, this may not be possible for some products, but there might be a way to work things out. Clarity in packaging and in communicating the relevant information are key to convincing the customer to buy the product.

Rich Experience

12If a packaging does not provide a rich user experience, then it serves no purpose other than keeping the contents safe. A playful product should be able to get the customer to play with it just by looking at it. This is the power of carefully designed packaging. A good product packaging will make the customer want to interact with the package. Doesn’t your mouth water when you see a bag of Lays Wafers? The packaging itself is enough to tingle your taste buds despite the fact that you have not even opened the package. This is the experience that every product should offer to the customers.

We live in a highly competitive age where innovation is the key to beating the competition. However, we cannot overlook other important factors such as sustainability in our pursuit for impressing the customer. In the end, it all boils down to the factors that can exist in perfect harmony and collectively influence the customers’ buying decisions.

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