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[Video] Startups Changing the Way People Perceive Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be traced back to John McCarthy, who coined the term in 1956 to define the concept of computers working as a human mind. Today, the scientists and tech-pundits define AI to be more creative than a human mind, something that can surpass and learn from the data gathered. Data Science can be defined as the part of AI, which analyses the data gathered with ever changing algorithms and has the capability to transform a program into self learning.

Here are a few startups transforming the way people perceive AI and most of all, helping people and businesses transform by automating work.

Jukedeck’s AI Writes Music For Your Video

Jukedeck is based on state-of-the-art tech, brings artificial intelligence to music composition. They’re making a system that can write original tracks according to one’s specifications, so that the user can have customised music at the touch of a button.

“Our AI uses machine learning to understand how to write music, chord by chord and note by note. This means that every track you create using Jukedeck is truly unique.”

Dennis Mortensen’s is an AI asst. that sets up meetings like a human, & that’s only the beginning

Founded in 2014, builds and maintains an artificial intelligence powered personal assistant that schedules meetings for one’s business customers. The company is backed by blue chip investors like Softbank, IA Ventures, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, FirstMark and located in New York City.

Machine Learning in Production with Josh Bloom, Co-founder, Inc. is building machine learning applications for the customer experience market so all companies can benefit from the power of machine learning. was founded in 2012 by some of the world’s leading experts in astrophysics, statistics, computer science, and machine learning. Working together for over a decade, the team created automated machine-learning frameworks that were used to discover and understand some of the rarest phenomena in the universe, from peculiar stars to exploding white dwarfs. After watching the business world struggle with many of the same challenges they faced, they launched the company to bridge the machine intelligence divide.

“Today, we are continuing to push the limits of cutting edge machine learning technology while delivering its power via an elegantly simple package.”

PredicitonIO: Build and Deploy ML Applications in a Fraction of the Time

PredictionIO is an open-source Machine Learning server for developers and data scientists to build and deploy predictive applications in a fraction of the time.

PredictionIO template gallery offers a wide range of predictive engine templates for download, developers can customize them easily. The DASE architecture of engine is the “MVC for Machine Learning”. It enables developers to build predictive engine components with separation-of-concerns. Data scientists can also swap and evaluate algorithms as they wish. The core part of PredictionIO is an engine deployment platform built on top of Apache Spark. Predictive engines are deployed as distributed web services.

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