[Video] How To Build A Successful Relationship With A Co-Founder

How to set up a collaborative working relationship with your Co-Founder? How to split tasks through division of responsibilities?

In this video, two successful serial entrepreneurs: Adeo Ressi (Founder and CEO of the Founder Institute, 9X entrepreneur, and Managing Director of Expansive Ventures), and Jessica Alter (Founder and CEO of FounderDating and Formative Labs), discusses how to construct Co-Founder agreements, split equity, manage responsibilities, and deal with conflicts.

They also highlighted tips and tactics to handle challenges and conflicts and outline the ideal Co-Founder relationship. The founding team for any startup is very important, for it serves as the building blocks for that organization. They have to take various crucial decisions, starting from the very microcosmic level. Check out this video to know how to build a successful relationship with startup/business Co-Founders.

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