5 Ways for Technology Startups to Increase Their Sales Revenues

To begin with, let’s first understand the difference between cash and cash flow. While static cash can give the company an establishment or a foundation to kick off their business, cash flow holds its importance at a higher level than that. Your cash flow depicts your financial health and gives you an indication if your business is falling low on cash sources.

Money keyboardWith that said, sales revenue works as one of the most important aspects of a cash flow. As a company, you might have various methods to bring in the money to run your business, but it’s the sales revenue that has to keep growing. Maintaining the right ratio between the two is a crucial part of any business and should be taken into account every time a business plan is made.

As this revenue depends on the amount of sales made in a particular period, it is imperative to ensure a healthy number of customers coming in. Right from looking out for the prospects to converting them into customers, the sales process covers a lot of stages. Hence, an efficient sales process management platform is what is needed to empower sales reps.

Various sales enablement tools have been brought in place to streamline the processes as well as to improve productivity, keeping in mind the relevance of a healthy sales revenue. Here are a few ways in which automation of sales activities can help you grow at a rapid pace, at the same time giving you opportunities to maximize your sales revenues:

1. Value Your Customer: With a healthy sales revenue available at all times, your company builds itself a reputation of a consistent player in the market. What you gain in return is new customers and a winning customer loyalty to back you up! You do this with your financial ability to reach out to new prospects more often and relevant ones, without letting inefficiency getting in your way.

2. Expand Your Reach and Offerings: As you go building a bigger customer base, you also receive a tremendous amount of feedback in terms of customer needs. The automation tools help you gauge these and push you forward to take a step towards expanding your operations and offerings. In a way, you’re only helping your business scale up!

3. Calculating Market Demands: While automating processes lets you reach out to newer sets of people every time, still falling in your target, you get to calculate the market demands every now and then. As you get this intelligence, it gives you a chance to strategize your reach out plans and modify them if required. As a result, your sales rates go higher as so does the earned revenue.

4. Metrics Tracking: The analytics attached to sales process automation gives the user a clear picture on some powerful statistics like cost per lead, number of leads lined up in the sales pipeline etc, helping the sales team manage and plan better for higher revenues.

5. Re-activating Old Leads: As you get all customer intelligence in front of you, there is no longer a need to let  go off old leads that may be lying around in your data base. Reach out to them and with the new age CRM solutions, you get to know critical information that can help you strike relevant conversations with them. As you take the opportunity forward you get to re-activate them and generate their interest in your product and solutions once again. And you have another set of sales revenue generators added to your system!

With technology moving ahead at a very fast pace, sales teams now have a golden opportunity that they can make the most out of. Lately, more and more tools have been coming up, each with something better than the other, all aiming to increase productivity of the target segment they are catering to. Hence, automation of sales processes definitely leads to a better understanding of sales strategies and markets that also gives a big boost to the revenues, eventually.

About Salezshark:

SalezShark is a cloud based Sales and Marketing Automation platform, equipped with Relationship Cloud and Contextual Intelligence to help you reap maximized sales benefits though strongly built business relationships. With SalezShark, you get a whole bunch of features, designed to offer you the best and help you make the most of your sales opportunities.

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