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How to Steer Ahead of Your B2B eCommerce Competitors – 10 Kickass Ways!

Consistent, accurate and rich product content is the foundation of a successful B2B eCommerce website

Consistent, accurate and rich product content is the foundation of a successful B2B eCommerce website

Market Researchers Frost & Sullivan stated in one of their reports that the US and China will be the largest B2B eCommerce market by 2020. India is still on its way to catch up in this race. Here are 10 crucial tips that will make you understand why a robust eCommerce technology solution is essential to stay ahead in your B2B business.

1. Product Information Management – Consistent, accurate and rich product content is the foundation of a successful B2B eCommerce website. It helps B2B procurement managers take an easy call as it creates a rich customer experience.

2. Comprehensive Inventory Management – Look for the best-in-class inventory management system, which seamlessly controls stocks across all channels and marketplaces. Create purchase orders, manage multiple warehouses, receive part quantities and helps you to keep account of each and every SKU in your warehouse.

3. Cross Selling – There are numerous multichannel B2B commerce opportunities viz. cross selling/upselling, ratings & reviews that organizations can take advantage of, to increase revenue, decrease costs, create competitive advantage, and create long-term business value.

4. Customer Based Pricing Management – A Good eCommerce platform offers a pricing management that is flexible and allows you to have different prices across each online selling channel as well as for a list of currencies for different countries based on IP tracking, enabling You to sale same product at different rates on different marketplaces. This is a real advantage and gives your B2B business an edge.

5. Advanced Analytics Reporting – Taking performance based decision is of supreme importance to ensure success of your B2B eCommerce business. A good eCommerce SaaS platform should offer a comprehensive tool that helps you know what’s clicking and what’s not.

6. Order Fulfillment Services – A robust order management system would enable you to track your orders that are already shipped and the ones which are pending. Your orders should be routed through the most efficient shipping location.

7. Personalized Solutions – The ability to target customers based on past purchases or behaviors is one of the most important aspects when trying to segment your user base and use A / B tests to find out how customers respond to different offers. If you’re not doing this at launch, you’ll be looking for this capability shortly thereafter.

8. Search & Navigation – The ability to quickly find items is always the top user experience and is a necessity of your business. Your products should be well attributed and categorized through which your customer will navigate. So, look for an eCommerce platform that enables you to set the attributes and also easily change it, based on users’ needs.

9. Powerful Merchandising Management – Merchandize management tools provide the capability to build & manage a centralized product catalog including pricing, inventory, variants, content, images, and multimedia with few clicks. Routine operations such as adding / editing product information, changing prices can be easily managed through ready to use bulk management tools.

10. Products Export and Import – Exporting your products’ list can be handy if you need to make bulk edits to your products. Instead of manually editing every product, you can save your time by exporting the products list in a CSV file, making your changes in the CSV file, and importing it back into your store.

Every business is unique in its own way, do you have a growth hack that is helping you scale your business fast? Share with us in the comments below.

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