Seven Startups to Graduate From STun’s Second Batch

Business incubation can be defined as a development process used to grow a successful and sustainable venture. In basic words, it adds up a place for companies to build their foundations. They use an amalgam of physical space, services and resources to boost the process of development. From mentorship to financial support to building an effective team, incubators just do everything to make an environment for a startup to succeed.

STunNew Delhi based Startup Tunnel (STun) is an early stage incubator that helps a startup by providing mentorship, passionate teams working on game changing ideas to enhance their capabilities in product development, marketing strategy, rapid prototyping, and design & user experience.

Here is a list of startups that’ll be graduating from the current batch (second) of STun on April 15:

Woobus:The startup is an Inter city bus service which provides plethora of features in its buses. The company ensures premium services in buses including Free WiFi, GPS, Snacks, Trained Staff, Blankets, etc.

Founded by Tushar Gagerna, Pariskshit Dutt and Anubhav Bhatnagar in 2015, the startup aims to solve the pain points of long distance commuters.

This Bangalore based startup is already operational on major routes of South India and plans to expand to more routes in North India as well. They basically target students and frequent corporate travellers who have to settle with poor services.

8Minutes: The company helps homeowners & businesses switch to clean energy at no upfront cost by installing Solar, and simply having our customers pay for clean energy at a lower rate than what they pay to their utility company.

Founded by Dev Arora, the startup aims to build its base in the solar energy sector by providing devices and a setup for homeowners and businesses. The company claims to have a 1000X faster conversion time with 90% lower customer acquisition costs and asset light developer financial model.

The startup helps customers who wants to save money on their energy bills, install Solar on their rooftop with little or no upfront cost by providing them an access to financing and connecting them with the nearest installer.

Brevity: The company sends its users summarised insights from non-fiction articles, videos and books (tech, entrepreneurship, marketing, creativity, psychology and more) from the publications and thought leaders.

Founded by Aditya Ganguly and Diksha, the company aims to curate only the best of articles, summarise them with a mix of technology and their own expertise, and try to deliver through as many different platforms as possible.

When asked about the same Aditya said, “While most of the companies look at tech as an enabler, we look at content as an enabler helping people learn and do great things in their lives. Because of this we focus not only on quality content but also distribution and monetisation. Furthermore, a strong focus on making Brevity into a Brand self – motivated Millennials identify with is a priority from day 1.”

ParQue: ParQue is a premium valet parking service. The app provides valet services, bringing security, affordability and convenience for millions of customers wasting time in search of parking spot.

Founded by Vipin Goyal in 2015, ParQue is a mobile app through which one can request valet on demand. When asked about the same Vipin quoted, “Just enter a destination when you leave and you will find a professionally trained valet when you will reach there. Our valet will take your car and will park it into authorised parking lots. Once you are done, you can request back your car from the app itself anywhere in the same serviceable area and our valet will bring it back to you.”

The company offers: 1) Valet Service, 2) Commission from parking lots, 3) Add on services (Car wash, refuel etc.), 4) All businesses, hotels, hospitals needs a parking management system and more.

Medimojo: Medimojo is a cloud based digital assistant to store, track and manage health records. It provides features like storage accessibility & doctor connect for evidence based consultancy.

Founded by Dr. Shikha Suman and Vikas Ranjan in 2015, the startup aims to be a patient centric patient controlled health record management platform addressing the biggest challenge of interoperability for other existing systems. Being patient centric, the users are more engaged with features like individual health dashboard, predictive and predictive health insights.

M4maths: M4maths is a community-driven Q&A site focused on Competitive exam, Mathematics, English and Programming Languages. The primary purpose of the startup is to enable users to post questions and answer them. Users can like, dislike on both answers and questions, and through this process users earn reputation points. M4maths publicly launched in June 2011.

Founded by Naveen Joshi and Madhukar Joshi, the startup is an online Edutech company developing product in web and mobile platform. Naveen said, “Our vision is to create a social learning platform where students can help each other with the help of technology and community.”

Tranzo: Tranzo is an intracity bus travel aggregator, optimising bus travel by giving better services for daily commute by reducing travel time and making daily commute productive and hassle free.

Founded by Mukesh Kumar, Aditya Shakya and Harish Tiwari, the startup aims to optimise intracity daily commute by enabling buses with technology and customising routes which ensure least possible travel time. While doing this, the company ensures that people have the best of experience while travelling, through services like real time tracking, wifi services, cashless transactions and security features for a hassle free and comfortable journey. Other than this, Tranzo also adds value to the services provided by private bus operators by allowing them to monitor their buses and increase the efficiency of their buses. Moreover, it provides bus operators with more number of people to cater and expand their business by giving each individual a bus route which is customised to suit them the best.

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