Prepathon – A Test Preparation Mobile App by PaGaLGuY

eLearning has been hailed as revolutionary in the area of higher education, for it not only renders the convenience of gaining knowledge remotely, but also for the fact that it democratizes education in terms of cost and accessibility. Despite the academia being a little skeptical with this trend given the concern of quality dilution, the popularity of online education is only growing amongst students.

Here is a startup which has identified this opportunity, and developed a product with an aim to facilitate the process of learning ‘anywhere/everywhere with anyone’.

Founded by Allwin Agnel, Mumbai-based Prepathon is a product by PaGaLGuY an online education network. The startup aspires to provide personalized learning at scale using coaches and bots.  “We’ve launched courses in CAT, IBPS, SSC CGL and will build a platform that allows companies to host their courses on Prepathon”, maintains Agnel.

Team Prepathon

Team Prepathon

Problems Addressed by Prepathon

Prepathon addresses multiple problems, a student comes across during exam preparation. For example, lack of motivation, daily scheduling, expert insights, 24/7 doubt solving etc. The company’s approach is to employ technology to personalize learning at scale- using both people and bots.

What does it Offer?

PREPATHON SCREEN SHOT Prepathon allows students to have a fully replicated classroom on their mobile phone.

They can sign up for a course and get a coach who monitors their behavior 24/7, and hand holds them to study and complete the course.

The app has a WhatsApp like chat feature to interact with, and ask questions to the coaches.

The question bank on the app is updated everyday so that students can practice the fresher and latest questions.

Another key feature that this app boasts of is that students can chat amongst themselves and learn from each other forming a community.

Pupils can click pictures of questions that they find difficult to crack, and post it on the app’s platform to seek help.

How is it Different from Other Ed-Tech Companies like Plancess, OnlineTyari, askIITians, Vedantu etc?

Putting forth his argument, Agnel said, “We have a proprietary feature ‘Coach’ that helps improve student-performance by solving queries, providing motivation and interactive learning sessions, thus ensuring higher absorption rates and more significantly better results for the students when it actually matters. Our personalization using bots allow us to dig deeper into data and make better suggestions every day to our students”.

Monetization Model

The company has a tiered course pricing for every course wherein people can pay for the content or enjoy the full power of the app including the coaches and mock tests.

Traction Details and Funding Status

Over a period of 6 months, the company claims to have more than 1,40,000 app downloads. It is rated 4.4 on Google Play.

Prepathon is currently bootstrapped.

What is the Market Size of india’s Online Education?

India’s online education market size is set to grow to $ 40 billion by 2017. India has one of the largest education systems in the world with a network of more than 1 million schools and 18,000 higher education institutions, states the Founder.

Scope and Future Plans

Prepathon aims to expand into 17 other preparatory courses soon. So, within the next 24 months it should be able to provide services to a student base of over 23 million aspirants. This is apart from the current student base of MBA, IBPS, JEE, SSC-CGL – that it already caters to.

The company also plans to keep its development process intact so as to provide additional services to students of tomorrow.

Check out the following video to have a better understanding of the product-

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