KaroSell: An App to Buy & Sell Pre-owned and New Lifestyle Stuff

KaroSell is a free Android mobile app that user can use to buy and sell pre-owned and new lifestyle products for men and women. This is a marketplace for apparel, accessories, fitness goods, luxury goods, products for kids, collectibles, wedding clothes and accessories, and books.

It connects buyers to sellers in just 3 clicks.

KaroSell help sellers to enjoy the sale of any lifestyle product with categories like collectibles, wedding wear, books, luxuurry brands etc. They need to click a photo, write the story of why you love the product and upload to sell.

Buyers look for products that are categorized into various lifestyle product segments, they can filter sellers who are closest to them, chat with the seller through the app and make the purchase on their way to work or back home or just anywhere.


Using the app, you can set up your own marketplace of a collection of things, with friends so that a buyer can get all what he wants in one screen. It could be a perfect dress with matching accessories, shoes and a bag. Or it could be all the biking gear in one place. Apart from this, you can also create a marketplace of your school, college or workplace – this helps you buy and sell from people you know and who are in the same location, making it easy to pick up stuff.

People have lot of unused stuff lying with them which they don’t realize they can sell. As per market research there is around Rs. 56,000 crore of used goods ready to be sold by Urban Indian households. KaroSell want to provide a socially driven platform to do this. Currently, it has more than 300 registered sellers on its platform. The startup monetizes by taking fees from seller, Premium listing and bulk buyers.

The company was founded by Anshul Khandelwal, who has spent more than 7 years in IT working across technology, design, sales and marketing. She is also the founder of another startup Upside9 which helps businesses transform through design. The startup focuses on creating immersive and engaging experiences for its clients and their customers across platforms.

KaroSell is looking to raise around Rs. 50 lakh in seed funding. Players like OLX and Quikr also offer pre-owned goods. Commenting on their differentiation factor, Anshul said, “Our focus is on people like us who have multiple lifestyle products lying around. Things like watches, accessories, books, racquets, sports item, kids stuff. OLX/Quickr are classifieds which sell everything & hence we find more of dealers there. Karosell is a social peer to peer platform so you will find most individuals selling their pre-owned stuff.”

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