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IoT Cloud Platform IoTfy Raises Seed Round from 9Mile Labs

IoTfy is a startup that offers a self-serve internet of things (IoT) cloud platform and enables hardware enterprises to adopt IoT quickly. Hardware enterprises use IoTfy to build and manage their connected devices, users and business. It has been a part of US based B2B accelerator 9Mile Labs and has received seed stage funding from the accelerator.

Shown Above: IoTfy's Founders: Arpit Chhabra, Shivam Dikshit, Sushant Taneja

Shown Above: IoTfy’s Founders: Arpit Chhabra, Shivam Dikshit, Sushant Taneja

“Using IoTfy’s self-serve platform, our customers generate device libraries that enables their devices to publish data to the cloud. Further, we also provide white labelled consumer facing mobile and web apps, and integration APIs for integrating data published by devices with their existing enterprise applications such as CRM and ticketing apps. We have focused on making these steps so easy and seamless, that it is as easy as setting up a blog.“ said Arpit Chhabra, CEO of IoTfy. It helps device manufacturers to reduce their time to market by over 80% and they don’t have to pay for large engineering teams or custom development shops.

The startup was founded in October 2014 by Arpit Chhabra, Shivam Dikshit, Shashank Saxena and Sushant Taneja. Together, the team has experience in IoT space and has previously provided more than 100 solutions in IoT to enterprises across the sectors. The company is headquartered in Seattle, WA and has development centers back in India.

IoTfy is backed by board of advisors including Mukund Ghangurde, Director (IoT) at Microsoft, Rob Adams, Managing Director at XTT Consulting, Will Hodgman, a serial entrepreneur and investor, who also served as CEO for Kissmetrics and Joachim Lindborg, an IoT thought leader, speaker and policy maker.

“We have a vision for India. We are already in the market and have a pipeline of 7 OEMs and 2 white labelled manufacturers. We are confident that with the positive response we are getting from the market, by 2017 we will be serving 3 million devices through our platform,” said Shivam Dikshit, CMO of IoTfy.

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