Healthenablr: Transforming the Cloud-based Telemed Industry Using EMR

Healthcare services and technology are becoming more of a union for health care facilitators around the world. Telemedicine services are enabling doctors to analyse, evaluate and most of all treat patients remotely using the latest tech. Many patients find it difficult to travel to clinics for many reasons. Also, it becomes a little difficult to get proper care after the patient is discharged from the hospital and is still recovering. To give telemed industry a much needed kickstart Healthenablr came into being.

Healthenablr Founders (L-R) Bamasish Paul & Avishek Mukherjee

Healthenablr Founders (L-R) Bamasish Paul & Avishek Mukherjee

Founded by Bamasish Paul and Avishek Mukherjee, Healthenablr acts as an all round cloud based telemed startup. Where patients can record their medical records so that doctor is at ease while dealing with the problem. Medical history do helps a big time. All one needs to do is install the app book an appointment or teleconference over a video call.

The company has 12 in-house doctors, who consult patients everyday on common issues, from nutrition related problems to psychological issues, the startup wants to set up its base in every possible field. The company is not only dealing with patients but also creating an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for doctors. Making it easy to diagnose a problem using cloud based records.

“On the patient side, we have an app that has a telemedicine interface, one can search doctors based on location and specialisation. Also, one can choose from different types of engagement depending upon the ease of the user. Be it a video chat, telephonic conversation or texting the doctor. To know more about the symptoms or progress, a user can avail any of the available services. For now the video chat option is free to use and the user can book an appointment and get the consultation for free,” explained Bamasish.

Looking at the B2B side of the business the company is offering doctors three basic solutions:

1) Search and Discovery: Offering services or posting their ads on the platform is free but if they want to be on the premium side of search results, the doctors would have to pay an amount.

2) Telemed Platform: A plugin that will help doctors get in touch with patients over call or text messages and also avail the payment gateway services.

3) Advanced EMR Solutions: This will allow doctors to manage their workflow and automate it, starting from CRM tool pack to their billing and invoicing to prescription management.

The users can also pay for the services online through the payment gateway. Bamashish stated that they are using different wallets and payment options, even an IDR option is on the list. The company is also dealing in Healthcare packages, different types of bundle services from stress management to obesity management.

The company will soon be introducing ‘Second Opinion Experts’ service where they’ll be creating a panel of doctors who are practicing in US or experts from top medical colleges and arrange a telephonic conversation.


Screenshot of Healthenablr app

Monetisation & Traction

To be more specific the company deals in two products ‘Pocclinic’ and ‘Poccare’. Where the former is a doctor-centric mobile app concentrating on reducing “no-shows” for doctors and healthcare service providers while improving patient engagement by offering a network of local and global patients. While the later is a patient-centric mobile app that helps subscribers find, compare and book appointments with leading doctors, hospitals, diagnostics and wellness chains from their home.

The revenue generation will be done through the patient centric app where one will have to pay a certain amount to get consultation and the company will charge 10% of the total transaction. Then there’s subscription based model where one can get his family registered and the company will charge an additional fee as a service tax above doctor’s fee. Talking about the doctor centric app, the company will be monetising on the revenue sharing model. The in-clinic appointments are free to make from the platform.

“We haven’t started monetising yet, we’ll start from next month. Currently, we’re putting together the UI and payment gateways to help build an experience,” said Bamasish.

The company claims to have a reach over million users on social media platforms with an engagement level of 10,000 users. “Our download figure has crossed 40,000 and we facilitate around 40-50 conversations everyday just through text messages. With over 3-5 video calls daily,” Bamashish stated.

Funding & Competition

The company has raised around $740,000 so far but are looking to raise between $1M-$1.5M in the coming months (July/August), later this year. Bamashish said that they are actively in touch with investors. “We started last year and the software development component is highly extensive. Moreover, we’re building a sales & operations team, so in a sense of the amount we’ve raised, our company is really bootstrapped.”

There are many horizontal players in the zone like Practo health, DoctorInsta, Doctor’s Cabin etc. Practo seems to be leading the race and has already raised $124 million with four acquisitions in total.

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