GetCarXpert: An Attempt to Make Your Routine Car Servicing A Handy Affair

Your car is way more than just a luxury. It is the biggest enabler of your daily chores. From commuting to office to dropping kids at school; from running errands to taking a long romantic drive with your partner, it facilitates them all. Given the list of services that your vehicle offers to you, and the fact that your lifestyle is acutely dependent on your car, you are obliged to take proper care of its health, thereby ensuring your own safety.

The importance of car servicing should never be underestimated. It may be very tempting to procrastinate this periodic task, given the cost and inconvenience associated with the affair. But this tendency holds a potential of putting one through the extremely frustrating and life-threatening circumstances. However, such situations are evitable, provided your vehicle is inspected on a regular basis. Routine car maintenance is not only essential to get the best performance from your car, but it’s also very important to increase its life span.

Here’s a startup which understands this need and also takes into consideration the hassle that is involved in this affair. So, to help people take care of their vehicles in an affordable and convenient manner, GetCarXpert came into being.

Navneet pratap singh

Navneet Pratap Singh, CEO, GetCarXpert

Founded by Navneet Pratap Singh and Abhijeet Singh in October 2015, along with Lalit Bhasin who joined the company later, GetCarXpert is an internet platform that helps car-owners access convenient, quality and cost-effective maintenance and repairs. The company’s workshops include authorised service centres and selective multi-brand workshops. “We realise savings for car-owners by matching their needs to hereto unutilised capacity at workshops. To assure quality, we are building enablers for the ecosystem: a spare parts supply chain, training and IT/IoT tools”, maintains Singh.

Motive of Building GetCarXpert

Gurgaon-based, GetCarXpert was built so that India’s 30 million car-owners don’t have to roam around finding the best maintenance & repairs; instead they can use this platform to quickly diagnose their car’s repair needs, find an appropriate workshop, and get an upfront, transparent quote for these needs.

Key Problems Addressed by this Startup

-Car owners want savings, while expecting convenient & quality repairs.

-Quality workshops suffer low capacity utilization which forces them to over-charge customers. If they could improve capacity utilization, they could pass savings to customers.

-No way exists to connect car-owners to these workshops.

Features and Service Offerings of GetCarXpert

  1. Transparent, upfront pricing
  2. 30% savings (compared to authorised service centres)
  3. CarXpert offers warranty of 1,000 kms or 60 kms (or higher) on all repair & service jobs
  4. It facilitates Pick and drop service
  5. All Carxpert workshops have state-of-art equipment to repair, and certified technicians and engineers.
  6. Customers can directly buy automobile parts like tyre and battery. To facilitate the same, the company has tied up with reputed brands like Hyundai, Bosch, Ford, Mobil1 etc.

GetCarXpertAll a user has to do: log in to the website, select the required service and fix an appointment as per convenience. Upon receiving the request, a company representative will come and pick the vehicle for servicing. Once the car is taken to the service center, the user starts receiving timely notifications on the stages involved in the process, so that they can monitor the progress.

How is GetCarXpert Different from Carpathy, RepairPal and the Like?

One of the distinguishing features of this startup is that it offers a counter-party warranty of 1,000 kms or 60 kms. The team claims that “the quality of workshops in the company’s network is far better than other players competing in the same segment”.

The company says to have closely verified each service provider on a variety of metrics: Infrastructure, equipment, technicians, management and inclination to do a professional job. Also, it claims to have a higher margin structure as compared to its competitors.

Monetization Model and Traction Details

The company makes money by charging service providers a commission fee ranging between 10% and 35% of transaction value. It claims that its user base is growing 2X MoM, and transactions 1.73X MoM.

Since its launch on 10th December 2015,  the startup has facilitated 500+ orders in Delhi-NCR, with an AOV of Rs. 4,700.

Funding Status

Currently, GetCarXpert is bootstrapped. However, it is in talks with potential investors for the first round of investment.

Market size, Scope and Future Plans

Selection_092“We would be present in the top 10 cities (by car population) in the next 18 months. We want to address 2% of the value in these markets during that period”,  confirms the CEO.

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