Cubeit: An App that Collates Content from Other Apps & Brings it to a Single Platform

Cubeit is an app that lets users save, organize and share content from different apps, in one place. So, if a user is collecting content about entrepreneurship, a video about Musk goes in the same place as a tweet from Paul Graham, along with the user’s thoughts in a note. One can easily collaborate on this collection of content with a friend. Anything that either of parties shares, is instantly sent to the other person.

The app’s interface intelligently learns what the user would like to do with their data and shows them only what is relevant to them. For example, a user can just save a location from Maps and get handy buttons to navigate and call an Uber.

One can also search through multiple apps within Cubeit – so if one wants to send a video to a friend, they can search the YouTube app within Cubeit and send it directly.


The startup is the brainchild of IIT Gandhinagar alumni –  Sarthak Jain, Nithin Gadiparthi and Prathamesh Juvatkar, who were previously running another technology company focused on building small scale products for businesses.

Recalling the conception of Cubeit, the team said, “the idea came about in early 2014 when we realized that transferring media between our own devices fast was a big problem. Dropbox did a good job on the desktop, but the experience accessing content on the mobile was horrible. On top of that, Dropbox didn’t have support for any of the newer content types that people used and shared on their mobile – links from the browser, content from other apps, map locations, contacts, calendar invites and so on. This is when we realized that organizing, using, and sharing content on the phone is a big problem. This is when we conceptualized Cubeit as a platform for connecting the apps on your phone and giving you a central place to organize and share information”.

Key Problems Addressed by the Company

  1. The primary problem that this product is trying to address is, content clutter on phone.
    Just like a folder concept was used to organize everything on the desktop, this app wants to be the folder for you to organize and share (any type of content) on your phone.
  2. All your content on your phone is owned by apps, and there is no place where you can connect content from different apps in one place to get things done. For example, if you were planning a vacation, you’d interact with hotel reviews, blog links, photos, emails, itinerary documents, map locations and many more types of content multiple times. On your phone, this means you’d have to switch between 5-10 apps to achieve what should be a seamless task. With Cubeit, you can have all of this content in one place to organize, view, and share seamlessly.



  1. Collect: Save content from anywhere. If you’re on your phone you can use the share from app button to save content to Cubeit, and on desktop you can use our Chrome extension. Anything you save is available for you to view later, and you can organize content in collections.
  2. View: When you save stuff in Cubeit, it’s not saved as a text link, but as a card – cards extract important information from links, and show it to you up front. For example, if you’re saving a Zomato review someone sent you on WhatsApp, instead of the link, the Cubeit card will show you the location, along with handy buttons to navigate or call an Uber. Cubeit makes content easily viewable and actionable.
  3. In App Search: With the limited real estate of your screen it is really tough to switch between multiple apps to find content and share it with your friends. With Cubeit, you can search through your favourite apps in one place and share it with your friends instantly.

Monetization Model and Traction Details

As of now, the startup is focused on launching the app out of public beta and getting traction. Long term the model will be based on personalized content recommendations and lead generation.

The private beta version of the app has around 2000 installs without any marketing, claims the team. It has been rated 4.6 on Playstore. To download the app, click here.

Funding Status

The Bangalore-based startup had raised Seed fund from Accel Partners and Helion Venture Partners in 2014

Technology Employed

Elaborating on the technology that has been employed in the app, the team said, “from the very beginning our focus has been on building a great consumer product. To that end we have built some cool features like in app search, and using the chat bar as an action bar instead of just a messaging bar. We also use machine learning to understand your preferences while you save content, and the next step for us will be intelligently suggesting content from your apps based on context”.

Competition and Future Scope

The company is trying to accomplish something that hasn’t been executed well so far – bringing various apps together on one platform to save, organize, and share. You can organize tweets, map locations, calendar invites, contacts, and much much more on a single platform.

“The competitors are established – We’re going to be in a space with Evernote, Dropbox, Pocket, and even Slack (because of the collaborative angle)”, maintains the team.

Following is a video that would give you a better understanding of the app-

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